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Cristina Marí is an Ibiza-born and raised journalist. She finished her studies in Journalism in the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) and in the University of Bucharest (Romania). Since 2012, she has worked at K2.0 as a journalist and program manager. Now, she takes a new adventure as a multimedia content editor and will continue to explore cultural narratives and neglected realities through journalism.

Perspectives | Migration

How Germany reduced the number of asylum seekers from the Balkans

By - 17.08.2018

The legal migration opportunities born amongst the 2015 spike in asylum claims.

Blogbox | DokuFest2018

‘Sarabande’: On the universality that can’t be defeated by visa regimes

By - 08.08.2018

Kaltrina Krasniqi’s new film crosses centuries and cultures.

One-on-one | DokuFest2018

Qendresa: I say what kind of sound I want

By - 03.08.2018

DJ, producer and singer talks keeping her voice in the industry and her Kosovar roots.

Lately | Arts

The little revolution of Runik

By - 05.07.2018

Town's House of Culture to host first show in nearly 30 years on Saturday.

Lately | Culture

20 years of transnational cultural cooperation in a book

By - 29.06.2018

K2.0 and CZKD document cultural bridges between Kosovo and Serbia.

One-on-one | Arts

Driton Selmani: In our region the role of the artist is to try to touch a nerve

By - 19.06.2018

Conceptual artist talks offside flags, life jackets and avoiding being defined by ideology.

Lately | Culture

A sky of satellites connects Kosovo to the world one more time

By - 25.05.2018

The Kosovar Pavilion at the International Architecture Exhibition opens in Venice

One-on-one | Culture

Eliza Hoxha: To have collective pride, we need to talk about collective memory

By - 23.05.2018

Kosovar architect presents the country’s '90s history at the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

One-on-one | Mental health

The Artidote: Knowing others are going through the same struggle helps you know you’re not alone

By - 16.05.2018

Virtual community provides safe space for discussion on mental health and healing through art — K2.0 speaks to its founder.

One-on-one | LGBTI

Erik de Kruijf: It’s perfectly possible to be transgender, an LGBT activist, and a devout Catholic

By - 28.11.2017

Pride Photo Award curator speaks about the power of photography to spark acceptance.

One-on-one | Media

Ibrahim Nehme: Change begins in our imagination

By - 11.10.2017

Beirut-based magazine founder talks about the power of the media to provoke radical change.

One-on-one | Music

Ian F. Svenonius: Bush and Trump are punk presidents

By - 14.10.2016

Rock ’n’ roller talks U.S. elections, the Sex Pistols, the Internet and cha-cha-cha.

In-depth | UNESCO

There is life after UNESCO – and much work to do too

By - 19.11.2015

Civil society demands action after Kosovo's membership rejection.

Lately | UNESCO

UNESCO rejects Kosovo’s membership bid

By - 09.11.2015

Reaction as Kosovo falls three votes short of entering UN's cultural agency.

In-depth | Architecture

A monument between Brotherhood and Unity and Adem Jashari

By - 30.10.2015

Misconceptions endure about iconic Prishtina structure.

In-depth | Arts

Erzen Shkololli leaves the National Gallery – but what’s his legacy?

By - 04.09.2015

Cultural institution says farewell to influential director.

One-on-one | Tech

Peter Sunde: Mark Zuckerberg is the dictator of the biggest country we’ve ever had

By - 14.08.2015

Pirate Bay co-founder talks Facebook, Nazis and revolution.

One-on-one | Arts

‘Thinking of You’ — A collective healing among skirts

By - 11.06.2015

Artist aims to promote discussion on wartime sexual violence with poignant Prishtina installation.

Print | Sports

Six in one

By - 04.03.2015

Group strives to unite Kosovo's different ethnicities on the pitch.