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In-short | LGBTI

Pride Photo Award comes to Prishtina

By - 17.11.2017

International exhibition in gallery of Faculty of Arts.

In-depth | Elections

VIDEO: What do mayors do for us?

By - 15.11.2017

The powers that affect our daily lives.

In-short | Local Elections 2017 | Politics

Read. Watch. Share. Engage. Vote!

By - 17.10.2017

Look again at the local with K2.0’s monograph.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Elections

VIDEO: Show me the (municipal) money!

By - 17.10.2017

Where do municipalities spend our money?

In-short | Local Elections 2017 | K2.0

More about this monograph

By - 17.10.2017

Looking local in Kosovo’s cities, towns and villages.

Monographs | LGBTI Rights | LGBTI

The people pushing LGBTI rights

By - 10.10.2017

A look back over the last five years.

In-depth | LGBTI Rights | Monographs | LGBTI

VIDEO: Gaps in the legal system on LGBTI rights

By - 10.10.2017

Legislation needs to face same-sex marriage, hate crimes, and the fluidity of gender identities.

Monographs | LGBTI Rights | LGBTI

More about this monograph

By - 10.10.2017

A unique insight into the LGBTI movement.

In-short | Volume Up

Influential Lebanese magazine editor in Prishtina

By - 07.10.2017

Join K2.0 for public talk and workshop.

In-short | LGBTI

Activists announce historic Pride Parade

By - 05.10.2017

Kosovo’s first Pride to be held on October 10.

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