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“We are all the same shit”

By - 27.05.2017

The last seven days of election season.

In-depth | elections2017

Big election issues: Army

By - 26.05.2017

How to turn the Kosovo Security Force into Kosovo’s Army?

In-depth | elections2017

Big election issues: Education

By - 25.05.2017

How to fix a broken system.

In-depth | elections2017

The big election issues: Unemployment

By - 23.05.2017

How to get people back into work.

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K2.0 is hiring — Western Balkans Correspondents

By - 11.05.2017

Seeking reporters in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro.

In-short | Elections

Kosovo heading to early elections

By - 10.05.2017

Assembly dissolved as motion of no confidence passes.

In-short | Architecture

Small Talk: Destroy the old, build the new?

By - 08.05.2017

Join us at K2.0 on Thursday, May 11, at 17:30.

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Apply now for K2.0’s video journalism course

By - 07.04.2017

New video production opportunity.

Sports | Monograph

No state support, no sport

By - 16.03.2017

What has the Kosovo government ever done for sport?

In-short | Media

Journalists invited to apply for award

By - 15.03.2017

Investigative journalism competition open call announced.

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