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In-depth | Independence

Growing up with the state

By - 17.02.2017

The generation of ’98-’99 on Kosovo’s independence.

In-short | K2.0

K2.0 commenting principles

By - 06.02.2017

Having your say on K2.0 content.

In-short | K2.0

K2.0 is hiring — regional editor

By - 26.01.2017

Apply now to join the K2.0 team.

In-short | Culture

#KosovoInUnesco — Hashtag or real will?

By - 23.01.2017

K2.0 organizes discussion on Kosovo's reapplication in UNESCO.

In-short | K2.0

SMALL TALK: What do we want to know and how?

By - 08.12.2016

Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 18:00 in Dit’ e Nat’.

Blogbox | Poem


By - 06.12.2016

Alma Feka’s poem on love won second place at the 2016 Kosovo Slam Poetry festival.

Blogbox | Poem

The things I wanted to eat, have been eating me this whole time

By - 06.12.2016

Tirana duo Livia Tice and Sonja Azizaj won third place at this years Kosovo Slam Poetry festival with their poem on queer identity.

Blogbox | Poem

An unfair life

By - 06.12.2016

Alina Fazliu’s received the jury’s special mention at the 2016 Kosovo Slam Poetry Festival for her poem on domestic violence.

Blogbox | Poem

A mostly one-sided dialogue between homophobia and young queer kids

By - 06.12.2016

Kosovo Slam Poetry festival 2016’s winning poem by Lindon Krasniqi.

In-short | #IWantToKnow

Where to address your #IWantToKnow demands

By - 26.10.2016

Social media profiles of institutions and public representatives.

In-short | K2.0

K2.0 launches #IWantToKnow – Demand answers

By - 17.10.2016

What do you want to know?

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