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In-short | Education

SMALL TALK: Who’s teaching our students? Education in focus.

By - 22.09.2017

Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 17:30 at Kosovo’s National Library in Prishtina.

In-short | K2.0

Intern at K2.0

By - 12.09.2017

K2.0 is looking for our next editorial intern.

In-depth | #OneInADozen

Fires burn on across Balkans

By - 04.09.2017

Widespread wildfires in Albania, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro.

Blogbox | DokuFest 2017

Visions of the Future: DokuNights

By - 10.08.2017

What the future looks like at 5 a.m.

In-short | Small Talk

Small Talks: “Evropa” — at what cost?

By - 11.07.2017

Join us at Dit' e Nat' on Thursday, July 13, at 18:00.

In-short | K2.0

Reclaiming common grounds for Prishtina

By - 29.06.2017

Join up for an in-depth conversation.

In-short | Elections 2017 | TWIK

Votes for pitalka

By - 09.06.2017

The final installment of election season.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Environment

Big Election Issues: Environment

By - 09.06.2017

How to clean up Kosovo’s air

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Corruption

Big Election Issues: Corruption

By - 09.06.2017

Who will stop the mafia in Kosovo?

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Culture

Big Election Issues: Culture

By - 06.06.2017

How to enrich Kosovo’s cultural life.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Elections2017

Big Election Issues: LGBTI rights

By - 05.06.2017

How to ensure everyone is treated equally

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