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Valmir Mehmetaj is a staff writer at Kosovo 2.0. Valmir studied communication sciences at the South East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia. He believes deeply in constant learning and forming original thoughts, and mainly writes about cultural and social issues.

In-depth | Arts

Haveit — the Powerpuff Girls of Prishtina

By - 13.01.2017

Activism through public art performances.

Perspectives | Culture

Conjuring the powers of art and culture

By - 26.12.2016

A summary of a year's work in culture: improving the image of Kosovo.

In-short | Small Talk

Public accountability discussed in K2.0 Small Talk

By - 15.12.2016

Public event part of #PoDuMeDite campaign.

In-short | Environment

Photo campaign focuses on environment and health

By - 02.12.2016

#EcoKosovo to raise awareness of environment through competition.

In-short | Culture

Turn Your Head (#KtheKryte) and gaze upon cultural heritage

By - 01.12.2016

New campaign tackles Kosovo’s railways.

In-short | Human Rights

Regional summit addresses Roma inclusion

By - 30.11.2016

Two day Prishtina event on perspectives from the ground.

Blogbox | Activism

A Kosovar dog, operated on in Serbia

By - 25.11.2016

Helping animals in need is a sign of an empathetic society.

In-depth | Police

My password! My privacy! My my, the digital age!

By - 23.11.2016

A dummy's guide to online dangers.

One-on-one | Tech

Amy Cosper: Entrepreneurship is creating something new, innovative or disruptive where nothing was before

By - 02.11.2016

American entrepreneur talks about pursuing the “cool” profession.

In-depth | Politics


By - 31.10.2016

Improving the image and recognition of Kosovo through internet based platforms.

In-depth | Arts

Forward looking art

By - 20.10.2016

Four finalists in three projects, aim to become “Artist of Tomorrow.”

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