Kosovo 2.0's print magazine collection is now complete. There are 10 magazines in our collection: Image, Corruption, Religion, Sex, Public Space, Balkart, Migration, Sports, Green Issue and '90s.

Our magazines are available in English, Albanian and Serbian.

They can be purchased in a range of ways, including online and in person at designated selling points.

Find out more about each of the magazines in our collection below:

NEW! Kosovo 2.0 issue #10 - '90s

Cassettes, VHS, Nirvana on MTV, Turbo chewing gum, flashy raincoat, a pan and a spoon to protest out loud… Remind you of anything? If you're old enough, it should remind you of an unforgettable decade for people across the world, and a pivotal decade for Kosovo; one that has played a major role in shaping contemporary society in Europe’s youngest state. 

Through this magazine, we bring back from oblivion the decade's spirit of solidarity and resistance, its people's struggles and activism, its music and colors, and the most personal of stories. Our ’90s edition provides context to the many political and social changes that took place in Kosovo during the last decade of the twentieth century, brings you the faces that made international headlines, and looks insightfully at the stories behind many of those who have been overlooked until now. Rewind, and travel back in time.

Kosovo 2.0 issue #9 - Green Issue

Highly polluted, plenty of trash, and yet beautiful; these are some of the words most commonly used when people are asked to describe Kosovo’s environment. But how much of what we hear about Kosovo’s environmental profile is myth and how much is reality? 

This Green Issue provides a comprehensive guide to the devastation of our land, the contamination of our water and the pollution of our air. But we also address some of the practical counter-actions and responses that are required, and present some of the green shoots of hope that are already emerging. Check out an excerpt of this issue that offers a look into Kosovo and the rest of Western Balkans.

Kosovo 2.0 issue #8 - Sports

After years of being denied the right to participate in international competitions, Kosovo finally became a member of the International Olympic Committee at the end of 2014. This magazine looks at how sports play a role in identity and nation-building, social-integration, and cultural development, but it also speaks to how Kosovars managed to become champions when encountering a great lack of institutional support within a harsh political and social context, often fighting gender discrimination, unemployment, migration, poverty, etc. Now that Kosovar athletes can compete internationally in European, World championships, and Olympic Games — what's next? Check out a range of articles in this issue.

Kosovo 2.0 issue #7 - Migration

This issue examines the political, economic and social implications of the various forms of migration. It looks at how clashes between ideological discourses and political systems produce repercussions that all too often threaten human rights and freedoms, but also tend to produce ambiguity over what constitutes “rightful migration.” Personal and human-driven struggles and experiences are at the core of this issue. Check out a great selection of stories that speak to how we come to define and understand a sense of self, place and home, as well as challenge them.

Kosovo 2.0 issue #6 - Balkart

The Balkart Issue Is Here!
What is Balkart? What is the state of art in the Balkans? In the current issue of Kosovo 2.0, we examine the tension between institutions and innovation; the dialogue between curation and creation; and the constant quest for new spaces, new forms, and new practices.

From profiles of both established and up-and-coming artists to reflections on the difficulties of establishing a truly contemporary artistic landscape, we traversed the region in order to bring you this selection of “preserves” (because what is art if not an attempt to preserve?) which we have chosen for their novelty, their bravery, and their willingness to establish an opposition.

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Kosovo 2.0 issue #5 Public Space

To what extent are we the products of our environment? To what degree do the streets, squares, signage, and other elements of our urban lives determine how we think, feel, and act? In the fifth edition of Kosovo 2.0, we explore the spaces that surround us, as well as our attempts to shape and transform them. From street theater in India to the re-use of abandoned buildings in Novi Sad, from the war memorials of Kosovo to Edi Rama’s transformation of Tirana, the Public Space issue examines our ownership of the cities and towns we live in.

Kosovo 2.0 issue #4 - Sex

Click below for a brief taste of our explosive fourth issue, Sex: LGBT life in Kosovo and the Balkans, Albanian rap music deconstructed, sexual education, intersexuality, gender reassignment surgery in Belgrade, art and sex profiles, an analysis of Europe’s sexual politics, homophobic violence in the Balkans, masturbation bars, the prostitution industry, a sex shop in Tirana, the evolution of pornography in Kosovo, dating Balkan men and women, Albanian male adolescence, homosexuality and war, couples that live together, “coming out” stories from all over the region, having sex while disabled, Prishtina nightlife, and much, much more. Subscribe to get a copy of the magazine delivered to your door!

Kosovo 2.0 issue #3 Religion

Whether or not a person is a believer, religion reaches seemingly every part of life in pronounced and subtle ways. The topic is as immense as the human experience, and Kosovo 2.0 is devoting its third and largest magazine to religion. Our religion issue examines religion in Kosovo, the Balkans and across the world — how faith, for better and for worse, is influencing people, cultures, governments and beyond. Check out a free limited preview below. Full copies are available for sale across Prishtina as of May 21, with forthcoming availability in the rest of Kosovo and elsewhere in Europe.

Kosovo 2.0 issue #2 Corruption

Cor•rup•tion. n. 1. Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. 2. The second print magazine of Kosovo 2.0.

Kosovo 2.0 issue #1 Image

The entirety of our debut magazine, Image, is available here for your reading pleasure.


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