Lately | Justice

Landmark decision for transgender rights

By - 20.01.2020

Blert Morina exercises right to change name and sex marker.

In-depth | Mentorship | LGBTI

Many LGBTI people in Kosovo are deprived of psychological services

By - 30.12.2019

The LGBTI community faces difficulties in accessing mental health services.

In-depth | LGBTI

Activists challenge EU and MOJ on new Civil Code

By - 24.12.2019

Concerns raised that new legislation violates Constitution.

Lately | Human Rights

Kosovo and human rights

By - 10.12.2019

On Human Rights Day, we examine the Kosovo Police.

Lately | Mentorship | LGBTI

Loud and proud

By - 10.10.2019

Kosovo holds its third Pride Parade.

Perspectives | BiH

We’re all coming out, for sure

By - 31.08.2019

How to publicly talk and write about LGBTQI in our society.

Lately | Volume Up

My.Kali: A voice speaks up

By - 05.07.2019

Khalid Abdel-Hadi’s magazine exists in a delicate balance.

Blogbox | Human Rights

Time to say it loudly: Enough is enough!

By - 21.06.2019

First Pride March in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One-on-one | Roma

Dezso Mate: I don’t like the word taboo because it indicates there are topics that society doesn’t want to acknowledge

By - 24.01.2019

Budapest-based researcher talks about how his experience as a gay Roma man has fueled his fight for acknowledgement and change.

Fellowship | Human Rights | In-depth | LGBTI

A Place to Call Home

By - 10.12.2018

Violence and hate leave LGBTI people in Kosovo to search for safety and acceptance.

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