In-depth | Media

Life in a dislocated reality

By - 13.03.2019

How the line between satire and truth became blurred.

Perspectives | Human Rights

The government of Kosovo is failing its human rights obligations

By - 13.03.2019

Why Kosovo needs robust legislation on state responsibility for human rights violations.

Lately | K2.0

We’re hiring: Finance and Administrative Officer

By - 12.03.2019

Apply now to join our growing team.

Lately | K2.0

We’re hiring: Projects Coordinator

By - 05.03.2019

Apply now to join our groundbreaking media organization.

Perspectives | Politics

“Border correction” leads to the suspension of reason

By - 04.03.2019

The Gordian knot of border correction and import tariffs is self-tied.

Blogbox | Migration

There is nothing here

By - 22.02.2019

A conversation with a barber about people moving away from Kosovo.

In-depth | Sports

Blue, yellow, white — football, politics, identity

By , Halim Kafexholli - 16.02.2019

How sport is affecting nation-building and identity in Kosovo.

Perspectives | Women's Rights

We need angry girls

By - 11.02.2019

Only open anger and organized activism will protect girls from harm.


Just saying
For me, a true hero is someone who attempts, with dignity, to face the reality in which they live.
By Xhevdet Bajraj, Poet

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