One-on-one | Education

Arlind Qori: Today, education is one of the most important paths toward gender emancipation

By - 13.11.2019

Rethinking Academia (Part 7) - Professor and activist speaks on the role of the university in public life, corruption and the energy of student protest.

Perspectives | Health

Populist demands to restrict doctors’ right to work are the wrong cure for Kosovo’s health system

By - 13.11.2019

The future government’s priority should be to properly implement ongoing reforms.

Perspectives | Elections 2019

In Numbers: Kosovo’s new deputies

By - 12.11.2019

What do the official election results tell us?

Mentorship | One-on-one | Film

Alush Gashi: We wanted to create a forum in which critical thought is cultivated

By - 07.11.2019

Kino Armata’s director and cultural manager talks public culture, memory and art.

One-on-one | Education

Antonija Petričušić: The apathy in Croatian academia reflects the broader social picture

By - 05.11.2019

Rethinking Academia (Part 6) — Zagreb professor talks gender equality, apathy, activism, and academic freedoms.

Perspectives | Education for life | Education

Through the classroom and beyond

By - 31.10.2019

Welcome to K2.0's latest monograph — ‘Education for Life.’

In-depth | Education for life | Education

Primary concerns mar educational reforms

By - 31.10.2019

Much more required to put children’s education on track.

In-depth | Education for life | Education

How do we educate for life?

By - 31.10.2019

Learners and educators have their say.

In-depth | Education for life | Education

Making vocational schools work

By - 31.10.2019

Preparing the welders, chefs and tailors of tomorrow.

One-on-one | Education

Mara Šćepanović: The university will be liberated when Montenegro is liberated

By - 29.10.2019

Rethinking Academia (Part 5) — physicist from Montenegro talks about the only light in the darkness of the education system in that country.

In-depth | Sex

Intersex is not exactly ‘breaking news’

By - 26.10.2019

Confusion still surrounds misunderstood topic.



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