Perspectives | EU

The EU commissioner nominations indicate enlargement is on hold

By - 19.09.2019

Is Western Balkan accession a partnership or pipe dream?

One-on-one | Politics

Roland Gjoni: Kosovo is simultaneously ‘too big’ and ‘too small’ of an international issue

By - 19.09.2019

Legal and political scientist talks geopolitics, Albanian nationalism and domestic tensions in Albania.

In-depth | Migration

Decades of departures

By - 16.09.2019

The Kosovars who sought a better life elsewhere.

Lately | Elections 2019

Elections: 5 Things we learnt this week

By - 13.09.2019

Testosterone, criminal candidates and big speeches.

Blogbox | Diaspora

‘An Albanian girl would be the right choice’

By - 12.09.2019

Reflections on relationships in the diaspora.

In-depth | Culture

Developing a comic subculture

By - 11.09.2019

Kosovo’s history of comics and graphic novels

Lately | Media

Call for proposals: Media for Human Rights Program

By - 09.09.2019

K2.0, CEL and KCGS launch new media fund.

Lately | Elections 2019

Elections: 5 things we’ve learnt this week

By - 06.09.2019

Our weekly roundup of election news.

Perspectives | Books

7 promising Balkan authors you may not have read

By - 06.09.2019

Literary critic looks at some regional writers who are making waves.

Blogbox | Diaspora

Is criticizing Albanian culture allowed?

By - 05.09.2019

Cherishing origins while demanding change.

In-depth | Education

The Kosovar law students excelling internationally

By - 04.09.2019

Despite conditions, UP students gain international reputation.

Perspectives | BiH

We’re all coming out, for sure

By - 31.08.2019

How to publicly talk and write about LGBTQI in our society.

Lately | Elections 2019

Elections: 5 things we learned this week

By - 30.08.2019

Cutting through the pre-election noise.

Blogbox | Missing persons

‘The day I left them, I knew they were gone.’

By - 30.08.2019

One woman’s personal account of her missing loved ones.

Lately | K2.0

We’re hiring: Conference Coordinator

By - 28.08.2019

Temporary position for upcoming regional media conference.



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