Blogbox | Diaspora

Alone, surrounded by my family

By - 15.08.2019

Surviving sexual abuse — and the surrounding silence.

Lately | Mentorship | Culture

Film gives glimpse inside infamous Enver Hoxha prison camp

By - 14.08.2019

‘Virtual Museum, Tepelena Camp’ provides rare insight.

Lately | Mentorship | Culture

Human trafficking on the big screen

By - 09.08.2019

Besim Ugzmajli’s latest film ‘Rruga’ premiered last week in Prizren.

In-depth | '90s

Three families, three regions, nine children killed

By - 07.08.2019

Family members remember their children killed during the Kosovo war.

Blogbox | Diaspora

Aftershocks: The illusions of a frozen time

By - 03.08.2019

A return to the homeland after 15 years.

One-on-one | Music

René van Munster: Music can transform relationships between people

By - 01.08.2019

Dutch cellist and composer talks how art and music can help to cope with pain, stress and suffering

One-on-one | BiH

Darko Cvijetić: ‘Today, it is clear to everyone that we are defeated.’

By - 30.07.2019

The writer from Prijedor talks life, literature and how one could sing after the war.

Blogbox | Animals

Kosovo, animal welfare and the equal consideration of rights and dignity

By - 29.07.2019

How to accept the non-human animal perspective.


Prime minister’s mandate interrupted twice

By - 23.07.2019

A summary of Haradinaj’s surprising resignation.

Lately | Culture

Hopes, fears and animating a community

By - 19.07.2019

Behind the scenes at Anibar 2019.


Just saying
For me, a true hero is someone who attempts, with dignity, to face the reality in which they live.
By Xhevdet Bajraj, Poet

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