In-depth | Independence

Voices from the borderlands

By - 17.02.2019

Living in areas rumored to be considered for ‘territory exchange.’

In-depth | Sports

Blue, yellow, white — football, politics, identity

By , Halim Kafexholli - 16.02.2019

How sport is affecting nation-building and identity in Kosovo.

Perspectives | Women's Rights

We need angry girls

By - 11.02.2019

Only open anger and organized activism will protect girls from harm.

Perspectives | Economy

State of Kosovo’s private sector illustrates poor economic vision

By - 07.02.2019

Local ‘economic zones’ showing no concrete results.

In-depth | Diaspora

Technology beating bureaucracy with help of immigrants

By - 05.02.2019

The Albanian trainee lawyer trying to shape Italy’s migrants conversation.

In-depth | Civil society

Are Kosovo’s NGOs under threat?

By - 01.02.2019

New law said to go against core principles of non-profit sector.

Lately | Culture

Nostalgia for a unified city

By - 31.01.2019

Three women share reflections on the ‘old’ Mitrovica.

One-on-one | Culture

7me7: Our society gives the impression that we are an experiment

By - 26.01.2019

After an almost decade-long hiatus, the rock band from Ferizaj reflects on their music as political and social commentary in post-war Kosovo.

Lately | Montenegro

Tito lives on in Montenegro

By - 23.01.2019

Tito is back in Podgorica, but nobody knows why.

In-depth | Serbia

Serbia’s nuclear waste problem

By - 21.01.2019

Experts urge officials to find a solution to the handling of hazardous materials.

Blogbox | Environment

What choice, other than going green?

By - 17.01.2019

We must do more to help ourselves amidst the looming climate catastrophe.


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For me, a true hero is someone who attempts, with dignity, to face the reality in which they live.
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