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You probably know Kosovo 2.0 as an online magazine. But not everything we do at Kosovo 2.0 is a journalistic production proper. While our journalism does often take the form of a story or conversation in text, video, photography, or sound, it can also take the form of a public lecture, talk, gathering or discussion; a workshop, masterclass or program with youth; a movie screening or art exhibit; a campaign; or all of the above.

We see this diverse range of public events, advocacy and non-formal education initiatives as an integral part of our broader journalistic mission. First, it is crucial for us to meet and converse with our readers. We like to think that our journalism is about the people, about us, and about you.

Second, we want to show through practice that independent journalism is not for the few, but the many! We want to take the time and space to build the ability of others (including journalists) to look at politics, democracy and journalism with a sense of agency and civic responsibility.

Everything we organize at K2.0 that is not strictly a journalistic production is part of HUB 2.0, our platform for citizen engagement and skill development.

Beyond a platform, HUB 2.0 is also a physical space. In past years, we have invested greatly to equip us and those who do work similar to ours with the space and tools necessary to organize events, gather, and/or produce multimedia content. 

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It is good to read about things. But some things just need to be talked about! Through our Talks program, we invite activists, artists, experts, innovators, journalists and institutional representatives to converse with us, and the public. This is to delve deeper and personally into matters that touch us. It also gives you a chance to ask your own questions, and get your answers.

We have lost count of all the talks we have held throughout the years. From environment to politics, from youth to culture, from patriarchy to trafficking or the diaspora, our talks address the issues that matter, and that need some collective re-thinking and re-imagining.

Further, some of our stories are too important not to be discussed face-to-face. For our larger pieces, such as multimedia stories, we often organize follow-up multimedia discussions, showing the work behind the scenes, and expanding the conversation on the issues addressed by the story. From the challenges of privatization to ageism during the pandemic, from the fight to protect rivers to the ethnic-based segregation of minority students, our multimedia discussions transform a piece to be read into a conversation to be had.

Similarly, we also organize launch discussions for our monographs and print issues. This is to take the time to explain to you what we have published, and why.

Volume Up

“Volume Up” is an original K2.0 program exploring the ways in which innovative forms of media production can be used to raise public awareness among citizens, provoke public debate and ultimately request more from institutions. Composed of a public talk and a close-door masterclass, our Volume Up events bring exceptional professionals closer to the Kosovo public as well as those who work in the media sector. The goal is for our readers and colleagues to learn new, inspiring and successful ways of leading change — in the media and in society.

Throughout the years, we have discussed and learned how journalism can shed light on the search for the missing, gender and sexuality in oppressive societies, corruption and migration. We have also explored innovative approaches to journalism, such as mobile journalism and radical storytelling practice, as well as evergreens of human rights based investigation.


There are some stories that are simply too powerful not to be told out loud. That’s why we pick some of the most personal and groundbreaking perspectives and bring them to the public, through the voices of the authors themselves. Normally structured as a keynote speech, our Outlouds are meant to inform, inspire, and trigger reflections on what is truly worth sitting up for and taking notes on. Outlouds are a reminder that change is not only possible — it is being made.

Usually held within our Carnivals, our Outlouds host exceptional activists, artists, journalists and thinkers from across the world.


Training workshops

To lead change, one must have the tools. Throughout the year we organize a number of training workshops targeting young journalists, aspiring journalists, activists, or simply citizens who are interested in building their skills in analysis, reporting and narrative practice. Our workshops cover issues such as reporting on gender and minorities or on media freedom and journalists’ rights, photo and video production, or even educational theater and artistic interventions.


Our Fellowship program is meant to empower young journalists to serve the interest of the silent, the marginalized, the divided and the excluded. We do so by providing mentoring as well as financial support to early-career or aspiring journalists, offering them the chance to produce, under the supervision of experienced editors, large and award-winning stories with a human rights perspective, to be published in our magazine.

To date, we have organized three rounds of our Fellowship program. Click below to learn more about our fellows’ stories.


Our Mentorship program aims to improve the capacities of young journalists, particularly focusing on qualitative and specialized thematic knowledge, representation and ethical approaches to major issues relevant to Kosovar society, such as reconciliation and dialogue, access to justice, gender-related issues, labor opportunities and workers’ rights, and cultural narratives. Our Mentorship program provides participants with hands-on training on different reporting techniques and mediums, leading the publication of one or more stories or research essays. Our Mentorship program prepares the next generation of Kosovo journalists.

To date, we have organized three rounds of our Mentorship program. Click below to learn more about our mentees’ stories.


Through our journalism, we want to spark bottom-up, transformational action. Our Lokomotiva program is designed for young people to receive the tools and means to challenge creatively established narratives around gender, ethnicity, religion and race, and push for change at a local level.

After undergoing intensive training, Lokomotiva participants receive mentoring and seed funding to realize their community initiatives. This can take the form of forum theater plays, research studies and surveys, advocacy campaigns, exhibitions, or journalistic productions.


At K2.0, we work hard to improve Kosovo’s media environment. We do so by producing high-quality journalism, but also by giving others the chance to do the same. Our sub-granting scheme provides media outlets and media-content-producing organizations with the financial, professional or organizational means they need to engage in public interest journalism.

Our sub-granting scheme has supported media outlets pairing up with human rights NGOs to produce human rights sensitive journalism, as well as media organizations working to improve media representation of diversity.


Launched in 2020, K2.0 Carnivals have become our yearly biggest public event, combining public discussions, workshops, art exhibits and cultural events. Visit our dedicated section to learn more about them.


Change happens when many participate. Throughout the years, we have launched journalism-related campaigns, engaging our readership in demanding more transparency and accountability from institutions, and inviting them to their own stories in their own words. Revisit our past campaigns:

Feature Image : Dina Hajrullahu / K2.0.