Taking a stand

Perspectives | Human Rights

Constitutional Court decision shows State of Emergency is not required

By - 01.04.2020

And why it’s more important than ever to ensure the legal protection of human rights.

Perspectives | Roma

Roma people are being left on the margins of society, again

By - 31.03.2020

The region’s Roma are facing not only COVID-19, but hunger.

Perspectives | Politics

Kosovo’s deplorable political class has been laid bare

By - 27.03.2020

Toppling the government amidst COVID-19 pandemic exposes inexcusable disdain for human life.

Perspectives | Politics

Will Kosovo’s democracy survive the current crisis?

By - 26.03.2020

Instigated collapse of Kosovo’s weeks-old government could threaten the future trajectory of its democracy.

Perspectives | COVID-19

Under siege

By - 24.03.2020

Writer Faruk Šehić on life in the era of COVID-19 and the borders imposed on freedoms.

Perspectives | COVID-19

COVID-19 and the Economy: Notes from the verge of a global crisis

By - 20.03.2020

The damage and opportunities from a crisis sparked by COVID-19.

Perspectives | Migration

COVID-19: No one is safe until all are protected

By - 19.03.2020

An open letter from the Transbalkan Solidarity Group.

Perspectives | COVID-19

A note on K2.0’s journalism in the weeks ahead

By - 18.03.2020

An opportunity to connect more closely with one another.

Perspectives | Refugees

Empathy in Europe might not be only dead, but long buried

By - 13.03.2020

Will European leaders ever learn their lessons?

Perspectives | Dialogue

Is the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue really reaching an historic moment?

By - 12.03.2020

With increased urgency coming from some quarters, five analysts give their take.

Perspectives | Migration

Life between closed borders

By - 06.02.2020

The Balkan Route through Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to be active.

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