Taking a stand

Perspectives | Politics

Closed businesses in the north affect people, not just politics

By - 04.07.2019

The crisis may have been utilized but at its root is genuine concern.

Perspectives | Albania

Borders before life

By - 13.06.2019

Complicity in the Balkans.

Perspectives | Gender Equality

Reclaiming the narrative behind ‘Reclamation’

By - 10.06.2019

The installation you’ve probably been talking about…

Perspectives | Economy

The covered-up stagnation of the private sector

By - 06.06.2019

Behind Kosovo’s acclaimed ‘ease of doing business,’ private enterprise struggles.

Perspectives | Economy

A Microeconomic Perspective on Unemployment

By - 03.06.2019

The significant but overlooked factors.

Perspectives | Cultivation | Editorial

Brewing culture for the crowds

By - 02.06.2019

Welcome to K2.0’s latest monograph — ‘Cultivation.’

Perspectives | Politics

Reforming the electoral system through a citizens’ assembly?

By - 30.05.2019

We need to involve citizens, not only parties, in the process of reinventing democracy.

Perspectives | Transitional Justice

Kosovo’s genocide resolution resolves nothing

By - 24.05.2019

How is an entire nation going deaf over too much noise for nothing?

Perspectives | EU

What direction for the Western Balkans in a more right wing EU?

By - 22.05.2019

Post-elections EU does not present an optimistic future for further enlargement.

Perspectives | Human Rights

Survivors’ needs should be at the very heart of the rape photos debate

By - 17.05.2019

People’s lives and traumas should never be part of a political game.

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