Taking a stand

Perspectives | EU

Will Kosovo pass the final test?

By - 09.11.2018

Mapping the route to visa liberalization through the European Council.

Perspectives | Democracy

The West is more interested in Kosovo’s image than its problems

By - 08.11.2018

International efforts to create a reflection of an imagined self doesn’t benefit citizens.

Perspectives | Dialogue

Border correction is not a 21st Century European solution

By - 31.10.2018

Exchanging territory would not benefit Kosovo or its Euro-Atlantic perspective.

Perspectives | Politics

Ignorance over competence

By - 18.10.2018

How a statue in the middle of the capital shows the true nature of Kosovo’s problems.

Perspectives | Culture

We need a bit of science in the concrete of cultural architecture

By - 11.10.2018

Before strategies, the independent culture scene needs a consolidated discourse.

Perspectives | BiH

Nothing new in Bosnian elections

By - 09.10.2018

Another election in Bosnia and Herzegovina based on empty promises.

Perspectives | Politics

Where do we stand?

By - 04.10.2018

Kosovo needs a clear platform to prove itself on the international stage.


Macedonia’s political culture led to the failings of the referendum

By - 01.10.2018

Low turnout reveals the obstacles for democratic citizenship and reforms.

Perspectives | The past, now | Transitional Justice

The past must be confronted, continuously

By - 28.09.2018

K2.0’s latest monograph dives into the past, for the present and future.

Perspectives | The past, now | Politics

Is genuine truth seeking still possible in post-Yugoslav states?

By - 28.09.2018

How to move from piecemeal to coherent and constructive peacebuilding.

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