Taking a stand

Perspectives | Health

Populist demands to restrict doctors’ right to work are the wrong cure for Kosovo’s health system

By - 13.11.2019

The future government’s priority should be to properly implement ongoing reforms.

Perspectives | Elections 2019

In Numbers: Kosovo’s new deputies

By - 12.11.2019

What do the official election results tell us?

Perspectives | Education for life | Education

Through the classroom and beyond

By - 31.10.2019

Welcome to K2.0's latest monograph — ‘Education for Life.’

Perspectives | Macedonia

What next after Macron’s rejection of North Macedonia?

By - 24.10.2019

Delaying the start of EU negotiations will introduce a new turbulent era.

Perspectives | Economy

Kosovo should consider legalizing cannabis

By - 21.10.2019

Regulated legalization could be more beneficial than current penalization approach.

Perspectives | Human Rights

A betrayal of literature

By - 16.10.2019

How and why the Nobel Committee for Literature awarded Peter Handke.

Perspectives | Elections 2019

After the euphoria, the hard work begins

By - 10.10.2019

Inherited problems and big promises add to the civil pressure for quick changes.

Perspectives | Elections 2019

Winners and losers as new era of Kosovar politics dawns

By - 08.10.2019

VV’s remarkable rise and LDK’s bounceback as others left licking their wounds.

Perspectives | Human Rights

‘I had a house on Gradinite Street’

By - 07.10.2019

The Roma community using art to fight for their demolished homes.

Mentorship | Perspectives | Elections 2019

Elections are not the solution

By - 04.10.2019

Kosovo needs a collective social project.

Perspectives | Culture

Storytelling in the post-Yugoslav context

By - 01.10.2019

Reflection on the Southeast Europe Future Festival in London.

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