Our complete collection of themed issues

  • #10 '90s

    Spring/Summer 2016

    Cassettes, VHS, Nirvana on MTV, Turbo chewing gum, flashy raincoat, a pan and a spoon to protest out loud… Remind...

  • #09 Green Issue

    Summer/Fall 2015

    Highly polluted, plenty of trash, and yet beautiful; these are some of the words most commonly used when people are...

  • #08 Sports

    Spring 2015

    After years of being denied the right to participate in international competitions, Kosovo finally became a member of the International...

  • #07 Migration

    Winter 2014

    This issue examines the political, economic and social implications of the various forms of migration. It looks at how clashes...

  • #06 Balkart

    Fall/Winter 2013

    What is Balkart? What is the state of art in the Balkans? In the current issue of Kosovo 2.0, we...

  • #05 Public Space

    Spring/Summer 2013

    To what extent are we the products of our environment? To what degree do the streets, squares, signage, and other...

  • #04 Sex

    Fall/Winter 2012

    Click below for a brief taste of our explosive fourth issue, Sex: LGBT life in Kosovo and the Balkans, Albanian...

  • #03 Religion

    Spring/Summer 2012

    Whether or not a person is a believer, religion reaches seemingly every part of life in pronounced and subtle ways....

  • #02 Corruption

    Fall 2011/2012

    Cor•rup•tion. n. 1. Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. 2. The second print magazine of...

  • #01 Image

    Summer 2011

    The entirety of our debut magazine, Image, is available here for your reading pleasure.