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Re-publishing K2.0 content

By - 06.02.2018

Want to publish K2.0 content on your media platform?

K2.0 is open to establishing partnerships and cooperations with other media organizations in order to help ensure that important, quality journalism is able to flourish. This may be in the form of one-off agreements for re-publishing single pieces of work, or through longer term reciprocal arrangements.

If you wish to re-publish any of K2.0’s work (including articles, images, videos, designs and any other content that belongs to K2.0) expressed written permission must be obtained in advance.

If it is discovered that a media organization has re-published K2.0’s content without permission, appropriate steps will be taken by K2.0, up to and including legal action.

To request re-publishing permission or to talk about how we can cooperate, write to us at