Volume UP: The impact of imagination — Public Talk with Ibrahim Nehme

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    Ibrahim Nehme: Change begins in our imagination

    By Cristina - 11.10.2017
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  • Ibrahim Nehme initially wanted to study filmmaking but ended up in business school. He caught the journalism bug when he tried his hand at writing during his university studies. After working as a writer and strategist for a couple of media companies in Beirut, he quit his job, and seeing a need for an independent print publication that addressed sociocultural change in the Arab region, in 2012 he founded The Outpost, “a magazine of possibilities in the Arab world.”

    Ibrahim stopped publishing The Outpost in September 2016 and has spent the ensuing year reflecting on his work with the magazine, as well as researching the role of culture in advancing movements of resistance and change. In his presentation, he will share what he’s learned in the past year, and talk about the power of our collective imagination and how radical media organizations could bring about radical transformations and cultural shifts.

    • Translation (English/Albanian) provided.


    And on Friday, Oct. 13 join an intensive workshop with Ibrahim Nehme, organized by Kosovo 2.0 at Termokiss as part of the Termokiss community event Krejt Ka Pak.

    • The Lifecycle of an Idea [Workshop]

    Ideas are like living organisms. They evolve and morph into different forms, take lives of their own, travel across distances, and spread like viruses. What begins as a small idea could slowly transform and become a really powerful idea that captures our collective imagination.

    In today’s world we are in need of bold ideas that resist the systematic and institutionalized attempts to repress our freedoms; ideas that inspire us to imagine and work towards a better future.

    In this workshop, participants will dissect the lifecycle of an idea and learn how to generate, develop and disseminate ideas that have impact. Anyone interested in the creative process, storytelling and general cultural practices is welcome to join in this half-day workshop.

    Due to a limited number of places (up to 20), we kindly ask you to send an email to kosovotwopointzero@gmail.com with the subject “Volume UP” to register as a participant. As places are limited and will be given to the first 20 persons who register via email, please, make sure you join us if you register for this unique opportunity!

    • Workshop schedule: from 16:00 to 21:00.
    • Registration is free of charge.
    • Deadline for registration is 12:00 on Oct. 12.
    • The workshop will be conducted in English.


    Volume UP events are supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo.K

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