Our electronic thematic zine

Local Elections 2017

K2.0 dives into the local ahead of the October 2017 municipal elections. What do our local municipalities do for us? How can they engage citizens to make them proud of where they live? What are the challenges that they face? And what do citizens do — both good and bad — when their municipalities don’t function as they should?

LGBTI rights

K2.0 uncovers the processes of coming out, embracing a different gender, facing intersexuality, and overcoming prejudices. We look at the history of the LGBTI movement and the people fighting for equal rights in Kosovo and the region, and assess what the legislation is missing to protect LGBTI rights once and for all.

Elections 2017

K2.0 scrutinizes Kosovo’s political parties and their specific approaches to key issues, including: education, employment, gender equality, air pollution, culture, sports, LGBTI rights, corruption, health insurance, and the army. To our insightful coverage, we add analysis and perspectives, as well as blogs from our readers.


K2.0 explores Kosovo's new sporting existence in a post-recognition age. We take a moment to celebrate, looking back at the first successes of this new era. We assess the transforming landscape of Kosovar sport, examining its infrastructure, its leaders and its finances. We meet future stars and question what impact recognition has on others. Come and play.