Haveit’s ‘Morning After Pill’ - Kosovo 2.0

Double sister-act collective “Haveit” are mainstays of Prishtina’s underground artistic scene. Since 2011, Vesa and Hana Qena, and Lola and Alketa Sylaj have been coming together to use their creativity to protest against social injustice in Kosovo through artistic performance.

Not afraid to challenge taboos, their work has often focused on sensitive issues, including raising awareness of women’s rights violations and LGBTI rights, and on promoting freedom of love, sex and individual expression.

Their latest project, made in cooperation with photographer Majlinda Hoxha, is a series of photographs and a video called “Pilule Du Lendemain” (“Morning After Pill”). The name is in French as in Kosovo the instructions that come with these pills are in a foreign language.

The video is a response to the lack of sex education in Kosovo and the moralizing women receive around issues such as abortion. Many women find out about the morning after pill through friends or on the internet, and are often reluctant to buy it because they feel judged and ashamed.