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Court keeps ‘unconstitutional’ COVID-19 measures in place

By - 01.04.2020

Acting PM vows to respect ‘surprise’ decision, announces removal of tariffs.

Perspectives | Human Rights

Constitutional Court decision shows State of Emergency is not required

By - 01.04.2020

And why it’s more important than ever to ensure the legal protection of human rights.

Perspectives | Politics

Kosovo’s deplorable political class has been laid bare

By - 27.03.2020

Toppling the government amidst COVID-19 pandemic exposes inexcusable disdain for human life.

Perspectives | Politics

Will Kosovo’s democracy survive the current crisis?

By - 26.03.2020

Instigated collapse of Kosovo’s weeks-old government could threaten the future trajectory of its democracy.

Lately | Politics

Kosovo government falls in midst of COVID-19 crisis

By , Jack Butcher - 25.03.2020

LDK helps bring down its own coalition, despite citizen anger.

Lately | COVID-19

Kosovo enters ‘crucial’ weeks with government on the brink

By - 23.03.2020

COVID-19 response continues amidst no-confidence debacle.

Lately | Politics

LDK to propose motion of no-confidence in government

By - 18.03.2020

COVID-19 exposes cracks between Kosovo’s political leadership.

Perspectives | Dialogue

Is the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue really reaching an historic moment?

By - 12.03.2020

With increased urgency coming from some quarters, five analysts give their take.

One-on-one | Books

Aleksandar Hemon: The Balkans is just close enough to being Europe to perpetually fail at being Europe

By - 16.02.2020

One of the most acclaimed writers and thinkers of our times speaks on genocide denial, Western societal arrogance and a lifetime of displacement.

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