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Gresa Hasa is regularly published in the online magazine “Peizazhe të fjalës,” which covers social, cultural and political topics. She finished her studies in Political Science at Tirana University. She is an activist, and contributes in political and social life in Albania, through different initiatives that deal with human rights and education, especially with Lëvizja Për Universitetin (Movement for the University).

Perspectives | Human Rights

Unearthing stories from Bulqiza’s underground

By - 01.02.2020

Elton Debreshi, head of the Bulqiza United Miners' Union (SMBB), talks to “Organizata Politika” activist Gresa Hasa.

One-on-one | Education

Arlind Qori: Today, education is one of the most important [...]

By - 13.11.2019

Rethinking Academia (Part 7) - Professor and activist speaks on the role of the university in public life, corruption and the energy of student protest.

One-on-one | Albania

Albina Ruko: Demand change yourself, do not expect it from others

By - 28.12.2018

Young people are demanding changes to  Albania’s education system.

Blogbox | Albania

Verbally (In)correct

By - 17.10.2018

A critique of the misuse of politics and the past in film.

One-on-one | Albania

Ermira Danaj: ‘Patriarchal norms and expectations cannot [...]

By - 04.09.2018

Talking Balkan Feminism (Part 2) — Prominent feminist from Albania talks about the neoliberal influence on the gender perspective.

Blogbox | Albania

Once again for love

By - 25.05.2018

Confessions from inside the seventh LGBT+ parade in Tirana.

Blogbox | Film

Unofficial marriage(s)

By - 03.04.2018

A review of political art in a film.

Blogbox | Music

Dreams of freedom

By - 20.08.2017

The art of Andrra: a method for tackling gender discrimination.