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The Dictatorship’s Face

Amid the ruins of the National Theater in Tirana.

By - 17.05.2020

Today I woke up to the news that they were demolishing the National Theater in Tirana. I saw activists who were against the cause being dragged out by an absurd number of policemen. I almost vomited. I took my camera and headed straight to the scene. It was the first time in my life that I couldn’t take the shot. I cried a lot as I looked at that woeful scene, the excavator demolishing a building that for us was a symbol of resistance and freedom of speech. 

The theater was the last remaining castle uncontaminated by corruption, which in our country is a virus that is even more contagious than COVID-19.The pandemic was used shamelessly for petty interests and for the benefit of a small group of people in power.

Today will be remembered as the “Day the Dictatorship Was Installed in Albania.” Because this is the true face of dictatorship.

Ervin Goci, activist who fought for the protection of the Theater.

Activist Titi Seranja, who had just been released from custody. Many others are still in the Police Commissariat.

Some of the activists for the protection of the Theater who resisted for more than two years.

Director Edmond Budina, one of the symbols of the resistance.