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    By - 16.11.2017
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  • Robert Botteri has been an editor at the award-winning “Mladina” magazine since 1987. Between 1987 and 1997, a crucial time for Kosovo, the former Yugoslavia, and the contemporary world, Botteri was editor-in-chief of the publication.

    At the end of the 1980s, Mladina, with Robert Botteri at the front, gave coverage to Kosovo’s situation, despite of the struggle it went through for doing so. The magazine’s outspoken nature also resulted in three of their journalists and editors being sentenced to jail by a military court in 1988, creating huge controversy in Slovenia.

    Despite being banned several times throughout the past decades, by the 1990s and onwards, Mladina became the most influential political magazine in Slovenia, where it has continued to work as an analytical and liberal publication.

    Since 1997, Botteri has been the creative editor of Mladina, working on cover stories, and creating the covers of the printed magazine. As one of the longest serving employees at the publication, he is also executive editor, and is engaged in the weekly work of the print issue together with photographers, designers, and illustrators.

    In his presentation in Prishtina, Robert Botteri will discuss the role of Mladina from the 1980s to today and its struggle to be an independent publication financially and politically. He will also speak about the magazine’s coverage of Kosovo up until 1999, in the editor’s words, one of the most important topics for Mladina, due to the publication’s strong commitment to the fight for human rights.

    But after being a voice of resistance in the convulsive time of the 1980s and the 1990s, where is Mladina now going? How has a magazine gone from being a dissident voice to becoming a sustainable journalism project in the midst of a world media crisis, while keeping its identity alive?

    Robert Botteri will speak on these and other contemporary issues currently tackled by the magazine at a public presentation on Thursday 16, at 19:00 at Klubi M (Prishtina).

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    *Featured photo by Uros Abram / Image: K2.0.


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