Taking a stand

Perspectives | Media

Fake news isn’t just an international problem

By - 13.12.2017

Kosovo is by no means exempt from the fake news phenomenon.

Perspectives | Transitional Justice

Reparations as a means of dealing with the past is necessary — and complex

By - 11.12.2017

In order to address needs, ‘reparations’ for wartime harm should first be understood.

Perspectives | Whistleblowing

Kosovars need help to speak out

By - 28.11.2017

EULEX allegations raise the issue of whistleblowing.

Perspectives | Albania

Clueless and ranting: the press according to Edi Rama

By - 23.11.2017

With ongoing judicial troubles of former interior minister, Albania’s prime minister is back to attacking the press.

Perspectives | Serbia

The war is over, but war criminals remain

By - 16.11.2017

Serbia has never cleaned up its army and police from compromised war personnel.

Perspectives | EU

The EU continues the tradition of Other-izing the Balkans

By - 02.11.2017

Elements of Balkanism still present in communications with candidate states.

Perspectives | Recognition

Catalonia cannot be compared to Kosovo’s fight for independence

By - 27.10.2017

Why it is misleading to draw close parallels between the two.

Perspectives | Local Elections 2017

Lessons all round after mayoral elections

By - 25.10.2017

Kosovo’s main political parties all have reasons to reflect.

Perspectives | Media

There is a media blackout in the ‘stabilocracy’

By - 18.10.2017

Creating a rosy media image of Serbia under the watchful eye of Aleksandar Vucic.

Perspectives | Local Elections 2017 | Politics

Municipalities do not have functional independence

By - 17.10.2017

Ten examples of the central level encroaching on the local.

Perspectives | Local Elections 2017 | Media

Kosovo’s digital Leviathans threaten a crisis of democracy

By - 17.10.2017

Our unchecked online culture is promoting an unhealthy personalization — and presidentialization — of politics.

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