Taking a stand

Perspectives | Media

There is a media blackout in the ‘stabilocracy’

By - 18.10.2017

Creating a rosy media image of Serbia under the watchful eye of Aleksandar Vucic.

Perspectives | Local Elections 2017 | Politics

Municipalities do not have functional independence

By - 17.10.2017

Ten examples of the central level encroaching on the local.

Perspectives | Local Elections 2017 | Media

Kosovo’s digital Leviathans threaten a crisis of democracy

By - 17.10.2017

Our unchecked online culture is promoting an unhealthy personalization — and presidentialization — of politics.

Perspectives | Justice

“The Snake” raises its head for the Special Court

By - 12.10.2017

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci blames the international community for his own political failures.

Perspectives | Politics

“New phase” of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue raises more questions than answers

By - 12.10.2017

Uncertain future awaits while calls for unity fall on deaf ears.

Monographs | LGBTI Rights | Perspectives | LGBTI

Proud to introduce K2.0’s LGBT monograph

By - 10.10.2017

Kosovo’s first Pride should be understood for what it is — a celebration, but also a protest for fundamental human rights.

Perspectives | Society

We need to talk about violence

By - 26.09.2017

Reaction to recent youth killing ignores a deeply violent society.

Perspectives | Education

Being part of a state that does not treat you as such

By - 22.09.2017

Institutional marginalization of children with disabilities in the education sector.

Perspectives | Elections2017

Is Lista Srpska a trojan horse inside Kosovo’s statehood?

By - 13.09.2017

Kosovar government’s agenda in danger of being dictated from Belgrade

Perspectives | Diaspora

Why the Kosovar diaspora is more conservative and why this is important

By - 05.09.2017

Changing the diaspora mindset could help Kosovo progress.

Perspectives | Missing persons

The truth about many disappeared persons is still a long way off

By - 30.08.2017

The creation of political institutions needs to be backed up by political will.

Perspectives | Missing persons

It’s about time to seriously talk about war crimes and more

By - 30.08.2017

As a society, we can’t afford to continue ignoring the crimes committed during the ’90s in Kosovo.

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