Taking a stand

Perspectives | Politics

Reviving the rhetoric of the past

By - 19.01.2017

The language coming from Belgrade this week has been reminiscent of dark days in Kosovo.

Perspectives | Protests

Make 2017 the Year of Resistance

By - 30.12.2016

After this most difficult of political years, it’s time for engagement and action.

Perspectives | Sports

Dizzying highs, sobering defeats and final recognitions in a landmark year for Kosovo sport

By - 28.12.2016

From Olympic glory to Kosovo’s first ever world cup qualifier, 2016 will live long in the sporting memory.

Perspectives | Human Rights

All talk, no action: Human Rights in Kosovo in 2016

By - 27.12.2016

Though rhetoric has been positive, little benefit has been felt by Kosovo’s vulnerable communities this year.

Perspectives | Culture

Conjuring the powers of art and culture

By - 26.12.2016

A summary of a year's work in culture: improving the image of Kosovo.

Perspectives | Politics

A view on Kosovo politics in 2016

By - 26.12.2016

A year of obstacles and protests.

Perspectives | Media

The emerging illiterate class is hooked on Facebook videos – and that’s good news for demagogues

By - 21.12.2016

Millennials communicate through emojis, bringing forth a new form of over-simplified, emotional news.

Perspectives | Macedonia

Albanian Parties may potentially become kingmakers in forming the next Macedonian government

By - 14.12.2016

Complex and possibly futile negotiations lie in wait after inconclusive election results.

Perspectives | Civil society

Kosovo’s civil society is a product of its post-war roots

By - 14.12.2016

The transition to democracy is never straightforward for any state, but in post-war Kosovo — initially under an international protectorate — the challenges have been multiplied.

Perspectives | Media

The web we have to save

By - 10.12.2016

The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying. Why is nobody stopping it?

Perspectives | Politics

Global instability strengthens Russian influence in the Balkans

By - 07.12.2016

While all Western Balkan states are on the path to EU integration, with tensions between Russia and the West on the rise, Russian influence in the region appears to be growing.

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