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Furtuna Sheremeti is a law graduate from the University of Prishtina. She holds an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Oxford and is currently doing her doctorate at KU Leuven in Belgium on state crimes and state harms.

Blogbox | Diaspora

From brain drain to brain gain?

By - 18.10.2019

Why it’s high time for us to come back and reclaim our country.

Perspectives | Transitional Justice

Kosovo’s genocide resolution resolves nothing

By - 24.05.2019

How is an entire nation going deaf over too much noise for nothing?

Outloud Podcast

78 days of fire, a lifetime of smoke

By - 23.05.2019


Blogbox | '90s

78 days of fire, a lifetime of smoke

By - 26.03.2019

NATO bombings — between hope and terror.

Perspectives | Transitional Justice

Being tried without being present

By - 22.11.2018

Could changes to the Criminal Procedure Code allowing trials in absentia aid transitional justice?

Perspectives | Justice

The end of the ICTY

By - 28.12.2017

In its 24 years, the international tribunal has been legally groundbreaking but has divided opinion.

Perspectives | Transitional Justice

Reparations as a means of dealing with the past is necessary [...]

By - 11.12.2017

In order to address needs, ‘reparations’ for wartime harm should first be understood.

Perspectives | Missing persons

It’s about time to seriously talk about war crimes and more

By - 30.08.2017

As a society, we can’t afford to continue ignoring the crimes committed during the ’90s in Kosovo.

Perspectives | Justice

Specialist Chambers should learn from past experiences on witness [...]

By - 27.07.2017

Why Rule 155 may be about to enter our daily discourse.

Perspectives | Justice

Why do people stand by while others are in danger?

By - 13.07.2017

A look at the bystander effect and whether the law can increase interventions.

In-depth | Justice

Between court models

By - 24.05.2017

The Specialist Chambers to work with a hybrid approach.

In-depth | Specialist Chambers

Unconstitutional rules at the Specialist Chambers

By - 08.05.2017

Why the rules on procedure and evidence were returned for revision.

Perspectives | Justice

Despite ambiguities, media should uphold professional standards [...]

By - 21.03.2017

Balancing exclusivity vs. the need for accuracy.

In-depth | Justice

Understanding Kosovo’s ‘special court’

By - 06.03.2017

Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office explained.

Perspectives | Media

Kosovar journalists need to demand implementation of their [...]

By - 31.01.2017

In Kosovo, access to information is well guaranteed in theory — in practise it’s a different story.

Perspectives | Justice

To prevent future Astrit Dehari cases, we must change the system [...]

By - 11.11.2016

Instead of heading toward collective efficacy, Kosovo is going in the opposite direction.