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Mehdi Sejdiu is a researcher in Kosovo and Germany. He studies political science in University of Heidelberg.

Perspectives | Media

Why I don’t watch political debate shows anymore

By - 29.05.2020

Political debates do not inform, they distort public opinion.

Blogbox | COVID-19

Corona and Kosovo: managing a crisis with few resources

By - 17.03.2020

Why Kosovo is in a more vulnerable position during this pandemic.

Perspectives | Migration

How Germany reduced the number of asylum seekers from the Balkans

By - 17.08.2018

The legal migration opportunities born amongst the 2015 spike in asylum claims.

Blogbox | Diaspora

Is the diaspora full of “schatzis”?

By - 22.12.2017

The schatzi stereotype does not represent the diversity of Kosovo’s diaspora.

Perspectives | Diaspora

Why the Kosovar diaspora is more conservative and why this [...]

By - 05.09.2017

Changing the diaspora mindset could help Kosovo progress.

Perspectives | North Macedonia

The scapegoat of Greater Albania amid rising tensions in Macedonia

By - 05.05.2017

Nationalist narrative used to stigmatize the minority.

Perspectives | Independence

Flagging and banal nationalism confirm Kosovo’s statehood, [...]

By - 22.02.2017

While recent success in the sporting arena has helped to increase affinity to the Kosovo flag, Kosovar identity remains complex and nuanced.

Perspectives | Politics

Why did we protest against Jablanovic and not against Grabovci?

By - 28.10.2016

In Kosovo, a fear of ‘the other’ is allowing ‘our own’ to get away with internal damage to the state.

Perspectives | Sports

Footballers choosing their identity is not treason

By - 06.10.2016

Albanians of Switzerland have a right to self-identify.