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Skender Sopa finished his bachelor’s studies in psychology and his master’s studies in the field of Health and Clinical Psychology at the University of Prishtina. He is a mentee in K2.0’s Professional Shadowing Mentorship Program (2019). One of the reasons that pushed Skender to apply for the program was his desire to gain professional experience and knowledge to help him conduct journalistic research.

In-depth | Mentorship | LGBTI

Many LGBTI people in Kosovo are deprived of psychological services

By - 30.12.2019

The LGBTI community faces difficulties in accessing mental health services.

Mentorship | One-on-one | Mental Health

Bind Skeja: Stigma is the main thing that inhibits people from seeking help

By - 25.12.2019

The ‘Lifeline’ founder speaks about mental health, suicide, the role that society can play and his project to help people in crisis.

Mentorship | Perspectives | Elections 2019

Elections are not the solution

By - 04.10.2019

Kosovo needs a collective social project.