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This program aims to improve the capacities of a generation of young journalists across Kosovo’s media landscape, particularly focusing on qualitative and specialized thematic knowledge, representation and ethical approaches to five major issues relevant for Kosovar society: reconciliation and dialogue, access to justice, gender-related issues, labor opportunities and workers’ rights, cultural narratives.

In 2018, six mentees were selected as participants of the “Professional Shadowing” mentorship program. For a period of five months, all mentees work closely with their assigned mentors, in order to understand the everyday activities of a professional journalist or photographer, including but not limited to attending at least one editorial meeting, conducting interviews and pitching ideas.

Besides this, mentees conduct study visits to institutions that are significant to their thematic area and write three articles during the period, which are published on the K2.0 website. One of the participants from this group will be working with a Photography Mentor in order to learn how visuals for such topics are produced. As such, the six young journalists gain intimate knowledge and professional support to help them cover and report on their chosen thematic area — and become part of the next generation of journalists in Kosovo.