Third generation

  • Fjolla Muçaj

  • Jon Bytyqi

  • Korab Mala

  • Vesa Ferizi

Trainings and Events

Professional Mentorship Program

Kosovo 2.0 and GAP Institute have kicked off the first cycle of the Professional Mentorship Program, within the project “Citizens, engage!” funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo. Through the help of their mentors – researchers at GAP Institute and journalists and editors at Kosovo 2.0, four mentees will develop their skills in conducting thorough research, and then transform that research into engaging content that reaches to people. Mentees will spend three months at GAP Institute and then continue their engagement for three other months at Kosovo 2.0.

During this cycle of mentorship program, mentees will research and write on the following topics:

  • Social work centers in Kosovo;
  • Immigration in Kosovo;
  • Capacities of municipalities for online education;
  • Marginalized groups and the package for economic recovery during the pandemic.