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Join us on this journey of soulful voices, personal stories and confessions, ideas that challenge and bring understanding to the narratives around us, and conversations to break the silence.


Outloud  K2.0 authors read it for you.

There are powerful writings that are simply more powerful when they come from the gut. We pick some of the most personal pieces on K2.0 and read them outloud — as often as possible through the voices of the authors themselves. Let K2.0 authors read it for you.

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 ‘Konteksti’  Explaining the present

Beyond headlines and the noise of daily news, ‘Konteksti’ aims to explain the present by exploring the backstage of mainstream narratives and events, bringing to the surface the political, social and cultural perspectives around the issues that matter.

Most of our ‘Konteksti’ episodes are in Albanian language. However, we have produced ‘vodcasts’ to make our show available in multiple languages in video format.

Click HERE to watch all Vodcasts episodes of ‘Konteksti’ with subtitles in English.

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