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Lately | Small Talk

Small Talk: We’re on strike

By - 24.01.2019

K2.0 Small Talk to discuss the strikes by health and education sector workers.

Lately | K2.0

Call for Applications: Locomotive 2.0 Program

By - 11.01.2019

Locomotive: Driving forward towards change

Lately | K2.0

We are hiring a Video Assistant

By - 24.12.2018

Apply now to work with K2.0’s growing team.

Lately | K2.0

We’re Hiring: Translator (English/Albanian)

By - 20.12.2018

Apply now to join our growing team.

Lately | Volume Up

Volume UP: Fotis Filippou on developing winning advocacy campaigns

By - 11.12.2018

K2.0 brings Campaigns Director for Europe at Amnesty International to Prishtina for a public talk on Dec. 17 and a Masterclass on Dec. 18.

Lately | Human Rights

Journalism and Film for Human Rights

By - 05.12.2018

Join us on Dec. 10 to mark Human Rights Day at K2.0’s new space.

Lately | Arts

Verses against oppression

By - 03.12.2018

K2.0 invites you to an open mic poetry night to conclude the “Handle With Care” exhibition.

In-depth | Education

A university in shambles

By - 26.11.2018

K2.0 explores Kosovo’s biggest university at the start of the new academic year.

Lately | Volume Up

Volume UP: Matthew Caruana Galizia on journalist safety

By - 24.11.2018

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist comes to Prishtina.

Lately | Sexual Violence

Small Talk: Tackling sex trafficking

By - 16.11.2018

K2.0’s latest Small Talk puts attention back on an issue that has fallen out of the headlines.

Lately | K2.0

We’re Hiring: Editorial production coordinator

By - 16.11.2018

Apply now to help drive K2.0’s dynamic media production.

Lately | Arts

“Handle With Care”

By - 14.11.2018

K2.0 presents an art exhibition and installation tackling human trafficking.

In-depth | Migration

No desire to return

By - 13.11.2018

Hundreds of thousands leaving Balkan region in which they see no future.

Lately | K2.0

We’re hiring: Communication and outreach coordinator

By - 16.10.2018

Apply now to join our growing team.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning

By - 11.10.2018

A look into the lives of LGBTI activists.

Lately | Human Rights

K2.0 wins human rights journalism prize

By - 04.10.2018

Four-part documentary dives into the lives of LGBT persons in Kosovo.

Lately | Volume Up

The Guardian’s Gill Phillips in Prishtina

By - 03.10.2018

Join K2.0 for a Volume UP talk on Oct. 10, and a training session on Oct. 11.

Lately | Transitional Justice

Talking the past, today

By - 01.10.2018

Join our Monograph Talk on Monday, October 8, 2018 at Documentation Centre Kosovo.

In-depth | The past, now | Dialogue

VIDEO: The Kosovo-Serbia ‘de-normalization’ dialogue

By - 28.09.2018

K2.0 breaks down the hottest political show in town.

The past, now | Monograph

More about this monograph

By - 28.09.2018

Diving into the past, for the present and future.

Lately | Small Talk

Small Talk: informatiON!

By - 25.09.2018

K2.0 Small Talk to mark International Day for Universal Access to Information.

Lately | Protests

Watch: Wave of protests

By - 14.09.2018

Kosovar citizens demand action.

Lately | Volume Up

Volume UP: Cannelle Lavite-Dumoulin Talks Whistleblowers

By - 11.09.2018

Join K2.0’s latest public talk on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

In-depth | Democracy

What has the Kosovo Assembly done so far?

By - 04.09.2018

K2.0 looks at this mandate to date and deputies’ homework ahead.

Lately | Arts

Culture: Independent or Poor?

By - 16.08.2018

Join our Small Talk on Thursday, August 23, 2018 in K2.0’s garden.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 is hiring — Community Manager

By - 13.08.2018

Apply now to join the K2.0 team.

Lately | K2.0

Apply and start your career in journalism

By - 06.08.2018

New opportunity to be part of K2.0.

Lately | K2.0

We are hiring a Video Assistant

By - 26.07.2018

Apply now to work with K2.0’s growing team.

Lately | Diaspora

K2.0 Small Talk: Is it better here or there?

By - 13.07.2018

Join us for our latest Small Talk on Thursday, July 19 at the Innovation Centre of Kosovo.

Lately | K2.0

We are hiring two journalists

By - 03.07.2018

Apply now to join K2.0’s growing team.

Lately | Small Talk

“Përtej”: Two decades of alternative collaboration

By - 22.06.2018

Join us on Thursday, June 28, at the "Multimedia Center"!

Lately | Reconciliation

Shkëlzen Maliqi denied entry into Serbia

By - 19.06.2018

He was travelling to participate in a discussion on cultural cooperation.

Lately | Health | Health

Health system under the microscope

By - 05.06.2018

An X-ray of Kosovo’s health care.

In-depth | Health | Health

Kosovo’s health system: Pay to live

By - 05.06.2018

How well is Kosovo’s health system serving citizens’ needs?

Lately | Health | Health

More about this monograph

By - 05.06.2018

Kosovo’s health system under the microscope.

Lately | Small Talk

K2.0 Small Talk: Copyright — author rights or commodifying culture?

By - 19.04.2018

Join us at Lapidarium on Tuesday, April 24, at 18:00.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 is hiring — Program Manager

By - 06.04.2018

Apply now to join the K2.0 team.

Lately | K2.0

Editor required

By - 22.03.2018

Apply now to join K2.0’s growing team.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 is looking for correspondents in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia

By - 16.03.2018

You could be one of our new regional correspondents!

Lately | Activism

International Women’s Day 2018

By - 09.03.2018

Mobilizations across Europe captured on film.

Lately | Small Talk

K2.0 Small Talk: Kosovo X — How independent?

By - 23.02.2018

Join K2.0 for an open and participative discussion on ten years of independence!

In-depth | Kosovo X | EU

VIDEO: Kosovo’s visa purgatory

By - 16.02.2018

Isolated and ignored — Kosovars sick of being political pawns.

Lately | Kosovo X | K2.0

More about this monograph

By - 16.02.2018

Looking into 10 years of Kosovo’s statehood.

Lately | K2.0

Re-publishing K2.0 content

By - 06.02.2018

Want to publish K2.0 content on your media platform?

Lately | Environment

United against air pollution

By - 31.01.2018

Citizens protest against “Hazardous” conditions.

Lately | Small Talk

Special Talk — for a ‘Special Court’

By - 30.01.2018

Join us at Klubi M on Wednesday, January 31, at 18:00.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning: Episode 4

By - 30.12.2017

Watch part four of K2.0’s exclusive four-part documentary.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning: Episode 3

By - 29.12.2017

Watch part three of K2.0’s exclusive four-part documentary.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning: Episode 2

By - 28.12.2017

Watch part two of K2.0’s exclusive four-part documentary.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning: Episode 1

By - 27.12.2017

Watch part one of K2.0’s exclusive four-part documentary.

Lately | Volume Up

Volume Up: Dystopia of a future without journalism

By - 19.12.2017

In K2.0’s next Volume Up, Saso Ordanoski imagines a world with no media.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 is hiring — Community Manager

By - 14.12.2017

Apply now to join the K2.0 team.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 is hiring — Program Manager

By - 11.12.2017

Apply now to join the K2.0 team.

Lately | Small Talk

Night against oppression: Small Talk & Music by Alush

By - 11.12.2017

Join K2.0 at our final Small Talk of the year on Dec. 13.

In-depth | Poverty

VIDEO: Just how equal are we?

By - 01.12.2017

Hundreds of thousands of Kosovars living in poverty.

Lately | LGBTI

Pride Photo Award comes to Prishtina

By - 17.11.2017

International exhibition in gallery of Faculty of Arts.

In-depth | Elections

VIDEO: What do mayors do for us?

By - 15.11.2017

The powers that affect our daily lives.

Lately | Local Elections 2017 | Politics

Read. Watch. Share. Engage. Vote!

By - 17.10.2017

Look again at the local with K2.0’s monograph.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Elections

VIDEO: Show me the (municipal) money!

By - 17.10.2017

Where do municipalities spend our money?

Lately | Local Elections 2017 | K2.0

More about this monograph

By - 17.10.2017

Looking local in Kosovo’s cities, towns and villages.

Monographs | LGBTI Rights | LGBTI

The people pushing LGBTI rights

By - 10.10.2017

A look back over the last five years.

In-depth | LGBTI Rights | Monographs | LGBTI

VIDEO: Gaps in the legal system on LGBTI rights

By - 10.10.2017

Legislation needs to face same-sex marriage, hate crimes, and the fluidity of gender identities.

Monographs | LGBTI Rights | LGBTI

More about this monograph

By - 10.10.2017

A unique insight into the LGBTI movement.

Lately | Volume Up

Influential Lebanese magazine editor in Prishtina

By - 07.10.2017

Join K2.0 for public talk and workshop.

Lately | LGBTI

Activists announce historic Pride Parade

By - 05.10.2017

Kosovo’s first Pride to be held on October 10.

Lately | Education

SMALL TALK: Who’s teaching our students? Education in focus.

By - 22.09.2017

Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 17:30 at Kosovo’s National Library in Prishtina.

Lately | K2.0

Intern at K2.0

By - 12.09.2017

K2.0 is looking for our next editorial intern.

In-depth | #OneInADozen

Fires burn on across Balkans

By - 04.09.2017

Widespread wildfires in Albania, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro.

Blogbox | DokuFest 2017

Visions of the Future: DokuNights

By - 10.08.2017

What the future looks like at 5 a.m.

Lately | Small Talk

Small Talks: “Evropa” — at what cost?

By - 11.07.2017

Join us at Dit' e Nat' on Thursday, July 13, at 18:00.

Lately | K2.0

Reclaiming common grounds for Prishtina

By - 29.06.2017

Join up for an in-depth conversation.

Lately | Elections 2017 | TWIK

Votes for pitalka

By - 09.06.2017

The final installment of election season.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Environment

Big Election Issues: Environment

By - 09.06.2017

How to clean up Kosovo’s air

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Corruption

Big Election Issues: Corruption

By - 09.06.2017

Who will stop the mafia in Kosovo?

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Culture

Big Election Issues: Culture

By - 06.06.2017

How to enrich Kosovo’s cultural life.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Elections2017

Big Election Issues: LGBTI rights

By - 05.06.2017

How to ensure everyone is treated equally

Lately | Elections 2017 | Democracy

Three cheers for peaceful Rambo!

By - 03.06.2017

More highlights from election season.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Elections2017

Big election issues: Sports

By - 01.06.2017

How will sport grow in Kosovo post-recognition?

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Elections2017

Big election issues: Health

By - 31.05.2017

How to cover the cost of health care.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Elections2017

Big Election Issues: Gender Equality

By - 30.05.2017

How to create a more equal society.

Lately | Elections 2017 | Democracy

“We are all the same shit”

By - 27.05.2017

The last seven days of election season.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Elections2017

Big election issues: Army

By - 26.05.2017

How to turn the Kosovo Security Force into Kosovo’s Army?

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Education

Big election issues: Education

By - 25.05.2017

How to fix a broken system.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Elections2017

The big election issues: Unemployment

By - 23.05.2017

How to get people back into work.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 is hiring — Western Balkans Correspondents

By - 11.05.2017

Seeking reporters in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Lately | Elections

Kosovo heading to early elections

By - 10.05.2017

Assembly dissolved as motion of no confidence passes.

Lately | Architecture

Small Talk: Destroy the old, build the new?

By - 08.05.2017

Join us at K2.0 on Thursday, May 11, at 17:30.

Lately | K2.0

Apply now for K2.0’s video journalism course

By - 07.04.2017

New video production opportunity.

Sports | Monograph

No state support, no sport

By - 16.03.2017

What has the Kosovo government ever done for sport?

Lately | Media

Journalists invited to apply for award

By - 15.03.2017

Investigative journalism competition open call announced.

Lately | Small Talk

Small Talk: Run Kosovo, run!

By - 14.03.2017

The ball’s now in our court — let’s grow Kosovar sport.

Blogbox | Media

Lirindja invites us to pay homage to Rilindja

By - 10.03.2017

Zine’s fourth issue brings us the history of Kosovo’s first printing house.

In-depth | Independence

Growing up with the state

By - 17.02.2017

The generation of ’98-’99 on Kosovo’s independence.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 commenting principles

By - 06.02.2017

Having your say on K2.0 content.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 is hiring — regional editor

By - 26.01.2017

Apply now to join the K2.0 team.

Lately | Culture

#KosovoInUnesco — Hashtag or real will?

By - 23.01.2017

K2.0 organizes discussion on Kosovo's reapplication in UNESCO.

Lately | K2.0

SMALL TALK: What do we want to know and how?

By - 08.12.2016

Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 18:00 in Dit’ e Nat’.

Blogbox | Poetry


By - 06.12.2016

Alma Feka’s poem on love won second place at the 2016 Kosovo Slam Poetry festival.

Blogbox | Poetry

The things I wanted to eat, have been eating me this whole time

By - 06.12.2016

Tirana duo Livia Tice and Sonja Azizaj won third place at this years Kosovo Slam Poetry festival with their poem on queer identity.

Blogbox | Poetry

An unfair life

By - 06.12.2016

Alina Fazliu’s received the jury’s special mention at the 2016 Kosovo Slam Poetry Festival for her poem on domestic violence.

Blogbox | Poetry

A mostly one-sided dialogue between homophobia and young queer kids

By - 06.12.2016

Kosovo Slam Poetry festival 2016’s winning poem by Lindon Krasniqi.

Lately | #IWantToKnow

Where to address your #IWantToKnow demands

By - 26.10.2016

Social media profiles of institutions and public representatives.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 launches #IWantToKnow – Demand answers

By - 17.10.2016

What do you want to know?

Blogbox | Film

‘Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)’ — a marathon masterpiece

By - 10.08.2016

Those prepared to put themselves through a feat of cinematic endurance will be richly rewarded.

One-on-one | Protests

Prishtina’s protest camp: Meet the protesters

By - 25.02.2016

Who are the protesters that have set up camp in the center of Kosovo's capital?

One-on-one | Independence

Eight faces of independence

By - 17.02.2016

Eight years after Kosovo declared independence, eight citizens explain what it means to them.

In-depth | TWIK

This year in Kosovo

By - 28.12.2015

K2.0's sideways take on 2015.

Print | Religion

Legendary Kosovo

By - 21.05.2012

UFOs observing crucifixions? Fairy milk for superhuman strength? What Kosovo’s myths lack in believability, they make up for in quirkiness.

Print | Corruption

16,000 kilometers, 1 bus and a license to bribe

By - 09.12.2011

On the Mongol Rally, budgeting for corruption is a must to complete treacherous journey across 25 countries.