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Podcast: War’s consequences on cultural heritage

By - 14.01.2022

Nora Weller talks about dark heritage, memorialization and the Dečani Monastery.

Cultural rights and the consequences of war on cultural heritage often do not receive the needed attention within the public debate on transitional justice and reconciliation. K2.0 has explored for two years various aspects of transitional justice in order to cover as many nuances of the issue as possible.

We talk to Nora Weller in this edition of our podcast to learn about some important ideas regarding the cultural heritage that came out of the war, as well as its memorialization, and one of the most polarizing issues in the country: the Dečani Monastery.

Weller is a lawyer and researcher for the protection of cultural heritage in war zones and post-war societies at the University of Cambridge. There she completed her studies, from Bachelor to Doctorate, in law and archeology. She is also a lecturer in conflict archeology at her alma mater, having lectured this year on the case of the war in Kosovo for the first time. Nora also teaches at the military and diplomatic academy in Rome, and is often invited as a guest lecturer from various universities around the world, including the University of Prishtina.K





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