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Artrit Bytyçi currently lives and works in New York city, where he shares his time between scientific research and creative writing. He lives in a state of perpetual evolution, as he tries to approach art with an experimenter’s curiosity, and to think about science with artist’s playfulness. To date, all such attempts have given inconclusive results. Nevertheless, the experiments continue in the many places that artrit calls home: Prishtina, Prizren, Tivar, Tirana, and New York city

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2028 Noir

By - 16.02.2018

Put on 3D glasses now to enhance your experience.

In-depth | Independence

A guide for a 9-year-old kid

By - 17.02.2017

How to survive in the neighborhood.


The walls that can’t be torn down

By - 26.09.2014

Even after millennia of hurt, we humans can't do without our boundaries