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In-depth | BiH

Keeping the rivers glistening in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By - 27.12.2017

Women of Kruscica part of a nascent movement to preserve rivers in the Balkans.

In-short | Albania

Flooding has forced thousands to leave their homes in Albania

By - 13.12.2017

Human activity a factor in the natural disaster.

In-depth | Animals

A meat-free existence

By - 01.11.2017

A look into the world of veganism and vegetarianism.

In-depth | Architecture

Safety in the city

By - 02.08.2017

Is Prishtina prepared for a manmade or natural disaster?

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Environment

Big Election Issues: Environment

By - 09.06.2017

How to clean up Kosovo’s air

Blogbox | Albania

Last days to halt hydropower construction in Valbona

By - 22.04.2017

The clock is ticking to save National Park in Albania.

One-on-one | Environment

Uta Ibrahimi: Trekking in the Himalayas made me realize how small we humans are

By - 11.02.2017

Outdoor enthusiast on testing herself to the limit by negotiating perilous falls, altitude sickness and fearsome yetis!

Blogbox | Environment

Children poisoned by pollution

By - 10.02.2017

New measures of air pollution in Prishtina.

Blogbox | Environment

Protests against air pollution in Prishtina

By - 09.12.2016

PEN and Science for Change Movement continue to measure air pollution.

Blogbox | Environment

Pollution hotspots in Prishtina

By - 08.12.2016

A movement to measure pollution and make change.

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