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Living, and dying, with the consequences

By - 31.01.2018

Cancer rates are soaring in Obiliq, which sits in the shadow of one of Kosovo's largest polluters.

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Beyond the measles outbreak

By - 27.11.2017

Intractable issues that transcend health.

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We need to talk about mental health

By - 23.06.2017

Why do Kosovars see discussions about emotional and mental issues as taboo?

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Big election issues: Health

By - 31.05.2017

How to cover the cost of health care.

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What’s happening with health insurance?

By - 03.05.2017

Premium collection set to begin despite lack of public information.

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Questions remain over mandatory health insurance

By - 09.11.2016

New scheme's January 1 start date in doubt.

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Paying for your health

By - 06.10.2016

Kosovars increasingly seeking public money for private healthcare.