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Dafina Halili is a K2.0 contributing editor, covering mainly human rights and social justice issues. Dafina has a master’s degree in diversity and the media from the University of Westminster in London, U.K..

Perspectives | HOPE

Hava’s fight, our fight

By - 20.07.2020

The struggle for gender equality is full of little-known — and unknown — heroes.

In-depth | LGBTI

Living in the corner: Minorities within minorities

By - 29.06.2020

Between racism on the one hand and transphobia on the other.

Lately | discrimination

Police officials sued for gender-based discrimination

By - 24.06.2020

Luljeta Aliu accuses Kosovo Police of violating her rights.

Lately | Human Rights

How IDAHOBIT came to Kosovo

By - 17.05.2020

The day celebrates the achievements of LGBTQ+ people.

Lately | COVID-19

LGBTQ life under quarantine

By - 12.05.2020

How Kosovo’s LGBTQ community is surviving lockdown.

In-depth | COVID-19

A woman’s work is never done

By - 07.05.2020

Unpaid labor intensifies during COVID-19 response.

In-depth | Media

Women rewriting the rules in journalism

By - 22.04.2020

The investigative journalists defying structural gender barriers.

In-depth | Film

Art and trauma entwine in Zahaq tales

By - 06.03.2020

The real life stories of two sisters behind ‘Zana.’

Lately | Women's Rights

Women’s political empowerment meets its limit

By - 14.02.2020

Deputy candidate misses out — because she’s a woman.

One-on-one | Women's Rights

Lara Whyte: Feminist Investigative journalism is interrogating [...]

By - 31.01.2020

The well-known journalist from Northern Ireland talks about women on the frontlines, the far-right and investigating patriarchy.

In-depth | Diaspora

The Kosovar saving lives with science

By - 21.01.2020

Zanfina Ademi is one of the world’s leading health economists.

Lately | Human Rights

Landmark decision for transgender rights

By - 20.01.2020

Blert Morina exercises right to change name and sex marker.

In-depth | Human Rights

Activists challenge EU and MOJ on new Civil Code

By - 24.12.2019

Concerns raised that new legislation violates Constitution.

One-on-one | Media

Yusuf Omar: It’s easy to manipulate one camera, it’s difficult [...]

By - 28.08.2019

International mobile journalist discusses camera glasses, hitchhiking to Syria and how we should've seen Donald Trump coming.

Lately | Culture

My.Kali: A voice speaks up

By - 05.07.2019

Khalid Abdel-Hadi’s magazine exists in a delicate balance.

In-depth | Arts

The women shaking up the world of art

By - 02.06.2019

Five artists making waves and bringing new narratives.

In-depth | Sexual Violence

Seeking survivor recognition

By - 07.03.2019

Mixed experiences of official processes for wartime rape survivors.

In-depth | Education

The risks of going to school

By - 27.02.2019

Little attention paid to hazardous learning environments.

Perspectives | Women's Rights

Gender inequality is still pervasive in decision-making and [...]

By - 08.02.2019

Kosovo has most advanced gender equality law in region — but doesn’t enforce it.

One-on-one | LGBTI

Dezso Mate: I don’t like the word taboo because it indicates [...]

By - 24.01.2019

Budapest-based researcher talks about how his experience as a gay Roma man has fueled his fight for acknowledgement and change.

One-on-one | Politics

Atifete Jahjaga: All the activism that was synchronized from [...]

By - 14.01.2019

The first woman president of Kosovo speaks about the importance of women’s participation and challenging the patriarchal mindset in politics, as well as her cause for survivors of wartime sexual violence.

One-on-one | Human Rights

Fotis Filippou: Change needs to come through people power

By - 22.12.2018

Amnesty International’s European campaigns director talks mass mobilization, targeted messaging and the democratization of protests in the digital world.

In-depth | Human Rights

Survivors speak in the wake of Vasfije

By - 20.12.2018

Wartime sexual violence survivors share their own experiences.

In-depth | Human Rights

Kosovo’s battle with human trafficking

By - 04.12.2018

Issue prevails beneath the radar, despite improved response.

In-depth | Justice

Taking the long road to justice

By - 28.09.2018

The Kosovar war crimes survivor seeking justice in Serbian courts.

One-on-one | Arts


By - 28.09.2018

Sarajevo-based Kosovar actor discusses the role of the arts in dealing with the past.

One-on-one | Feminism

Eli Krasniqi: ‘In reality, patriarchy kills’

By - 27.08.2018

Talking Balkan Feminism (Part 1) — Socio-anthropologist talks about everyday feminist struggles in Kosovo.

Lately | Gender Equality

Law change to see unpaid labor recognized

By - 09.08.2018

Amendments aimed at ensuring equality for women in divorce settlements.

Lately | LGBTI

Transgender case taken to Kosovo’s highest legal institution

By - 31.07.2018

Decision over change of name and sex marker presented to Constitutional Court.

Lately | Visa

Will Kosovars soon be heading for departures?

By - 21.07.2018

Citizens react after this week’s step toward visa liberalisation.

Lately | Sexual Violence

Newfound support for wartime sexual violence survivors

By - 20.06.2018

‘Be My Voice’ aims for a comprehensive discussion for sexual violence survivors.

In-depth | Health

Aging with Alzheimer’s

By - 05.06.2018

The struggle of two granddaughters slowly losing their loved ones.

One-on-one | Gender Equality

German feminist duo: We need more intersectionality in the movement

By - 01.06.2018

Leading feminist activists Dagmar Schultz and Erika Hügel-Marshall on strengthening the cause through embracing genuine diversity.

Lately | LGBTI

Landmark request to change name and sex marker denied

By - 17.05.2018

Activist vows to use all legal options available.

Lately | LGBTI

Hate speech highlighted on IDAHOT

By - 17.05.2018

LGBTI rights activists showcase abuse received.

One-on-one | Film

Sami Mustafa: Cinema can be more powerful than politics in [...]

By - 24.04.2018

Award winning filmmaker discusses the misleading portrayal of Roma in film and the next generation attempting to change it.

In-depth | Activism

Harassment on campus

By - 05.04.2018

Sexual assault and harassment at the University of Prishtina in focus.

One-on-one | Media

Anamari Repić: We forget about people and their lives because [...]

By - 29.03.2018

Long-time journalist and vice-chairperson of the Press Council of Kosovo talks media and minorities.

In-depth | Activism

Inside Sabota

By - 13.03.2018

Exploring Prishtina’s new social center.

In-depth | Activism

Three decades of protest

By - 09.03.2018

A history of women led activism on March 8.

In-depth | Activism

Regenerating Kosovo’s civil society

By - 16.02.2018

The winding journey toward a re-engaged citizenry.

In-depth | Sexual Violence

Recognition and reparations finally due

By - 26.01.2018

Application process opens for survivors of wartime sexual violence.

One-on-one | Entrepreneurship

Linda Shala: Kosovo’s market is suffocated, but foreign markets [...]

By - 30.12.2017

After nearly 30 years of doing business, Linda Shala speaks new opportunities and challenges in the market, as well as her passion for journalism.

In-depth | Human Rights

Standing up for Roma rights

By - 29.12.2017

The Gracanica paralegal seeking equality.

One-on-one | Film

Blerta Zeqiri: Our Romeo and Juliet is love between people [...]

By - 23.12.2017

Kosovar filmmaker discusses forbidden love, the process behind her films and women in cinema.

In-depth | Human Rights

Battling back against narratives of prejudice

By - 20.12.2017

Fred Taikon has spent his life promoting Roma culture.

Lately | Human Rights

Rights of war-related sexual violence survivors demanded

By - 13.12.2017

New Amnesty International report launched in Prishtina.

One-on-one | Activism

Enisa Eminovska: “I am an expert in a thematic area, not [...]

By - 04.12.2017

Social inclusion expert talks integration, assimilation and empowerment.

In-depth | Health

Beyond the measles outbreak

By - 27.11.2017

Intractable issues that transcend health.

In-depth | Arts

The siblings painting Roma life

By - 02.11.2017

Brother-sister act seeking a studio.

In-depth | Culture

Singing about sworn virgins

By - 27.10.2017

Vjollca Robelli Mripa’s music explores Albanian traditions and heritage.

In-depth | Gender Equality

Who’s representing rural women?

By - 17.10.2017

Municipalities and candidates doing little to end isolation.

Lately | LGBTI

Balkan unity in the Pride Parade

By - 11.10.2017

LGBTI rights supporters from across region at Kosovo’s first Pride.


Stepping into your true body

By - 10.10.2017

A portrait of two transgender men in transition.

One-on-one | Human Rights

Sian Jones: Institutions have done nothing for survivors of [...]

By - 09.10.2017

Amnesty International’s researcher for Kosovo talks to K2.0 about war crimes, missing persons and failed justice.

One-on-one | Culture

Flaka Jahaj & Bonne Reijn: Fashion needs to go back to [...]

By - 07.09.2017

Traditional Kosovar knitwear meets 21st century designs.

Lately | Film

Questioning the Lord of the House

By - 15.08.2017

New documentary explores gender roles in a changing society.

In-depth | Energy

Kosovo’s energy ‘crisis’ explained

By , Dafina Halili - 05.08.2017

Cutting through the energy confusion.

One-on-one | Film

Lucinda Coxon: Anybody talking about their film’s success [...]

By - 01.08.2017

“The Danish Girl” screenwriter talks killing characters, theater vs. film and disruptive childhoods.

Lately | Film

Oscar winner brings insight to Kosovo

By - 21.07.2017

Crash director Paul Haggis spends the week in Prishtina.

In-depth | Diaspora

Kosovo diaspora dreams of political change

By - 21.06.2017

The Kosovars abroad calling for a functioning social democracy.

One-on-one | LGBTI

Fortesa Kadriu: “Non acceptance and stigmatization in society [...]

By - 17.05.2017

Psychologist discusses mental health services for LGBT persons.

Lately | Sexual Violence

New memory book on wartime sexual violence

By - 16.05.2017

Ten survivors tell their personal stories.

Lately | Culture

Celebrations mark Gorani Day

By - 09.05.2017

Thousands attend festivities in foothills of Sharri Mountains.

In-depth | #IWantToKnow

Re-integrating victims of domestic violence

By - 02.05.2017

Shelters picking up the pieces of state failures.

In-depth | #IWantToKnow

Infrastructure blocked for people with disabilities

By - 19.04.2017

Tens of thousands unable to access buildings, streets and services.

Lately | Domestic Violence

Outrage at sentence for Zejnepe Berisha’s murderer

By - 13.04.2017

Activists demand extension of 12 year sentence.

In-depth | Culture

More than just a Roma Day

By - 08.04.2017

Five Roma activists talk culture, rights and discrimination.

Lately | Architecture

The architects aiming for social impact

By - 23.03.2017

Small studio set up by eight recent graduates.

In-depth | Human Rights

Anita Mitic — living life as an activist

By - 09.03.2017

The Belgrade human rights campaigner who keeps speaking out.

Lately | Gender Equality

Kosovo to mark International Women’s Day

By - 07.03.2017

Full day of activities planned for March 8.

One-on-one | Culture

Daniel Mulloy: “Any film you could make anywhere else you [...]

By - 03.03.2017

BAFTA winner talks refugee crisis, Kosovar cinema and his favorite 'cajtores' with K2.0.

In-depth | #IWantToKnow

Suffering in silence

By - 14.02.2017

Domestic violence victims struggle for support — and survival.

One-on-one | Arts

Fitore Berisha: Bringing out my horns through artistic protest

By - 06.02.2017

Artist talks about using art as therapy, revolt and empowerment.

Lately | Human Rights

Kosovars to join historic global Women’s March

By - 20.01.2017

Millions expected to demonstrate for rights following Trump’s inauguration.

One-on-one | Music

ANDRRA: Exploring Albanian rhapsodies gives meaning to my parents’ [...]

By - 13.01.2017

Chart-topping music artist discusses her upcoming album, folk music by women and cultural conformity.

Perspectives | Human Rights

All talk, no action: Human Rights in Kosovo in 2016

By - 27.12.2016

Though rhetoric has been positive, little benefit has been felt by Kosovo’s vulnerable communities this year.

In-depth | LGBTI

“What if we’re not lesbians, but we’re something else?”

By - 21.12.2016

A long journey to accepting transgender identity.

In-depth | Gender Equality

Going it alone

By - 13.12.2016

Single mothers face social stigma and economic hardship.

Lately | Human Rights

Kosovar activists prepare to mark Human Rights Day

By - 09.12.2016

Range of activities planned to address Kosovo human rights violations.

Lately | Education

Kosovo amongst worst ranked nations in PISA education assessment

By - 06.12.2016

Kosovar students score the lowest in the region.

Lately | Human Rights

Report contributes to human rights strategy

By - 02.12.2016

ECMI conference discusses rights recommendations.

Lately | Human Rights

Activists demand end to gender-based violence

By - 25.11.2016

Prishtina activists join international campaign.

One-on-one | Tech

Marcin Malinowski: Artificial Intelligence is going to be a [...]

By - 17.11.2016

Google's head of global partnerships for Eastern Europe talks AI, user privacy and how to get hired.

Lately | Justice

Justice for Astrit Dehari demanded in solemn march

By - 08.11.2016

Questions remain following prison death of opposition activist.

One-on-one | Tech

Alan Greenberg: “I can fix technology. I cannot fix people.”

By - 07.11.2016

Ed-tech guru discusses how technology is shaping the future of learning.

One-on-one | LGBTI

Janset Kalan: I wish people would listen to trans people, try [...]

By - 01.11.2016

Human rights activist and trans woman discusses fundamental freedoms and transgender discrimination in Turkey.

In-depth | Human Rights

Underage and married

By - 26.10.2016

Kosovo’s government ignoring child marriages across communities.

In-depth | Arts

Behind an empathetic lens

By - 20.10.2016

Dutch photographer’s Prishtina exhibition inspired by own family history.

In-depth | Human Rights

Held back and excluded

By - 11.10.2016

Kosovo’s Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians continue to be left behind in education.

Lately | LGBTI

Kosovo hosts first regional conference on LGBTI rights

By - 07.10.2016

Historic event themed “Why laws are not enough.”

In-depth | Visa

Kosovo and Bosnia: Artistic kiss in Belgrade air

By - 04.10.2016

Prishtina and Sarajevo meet in the heart of Belgrade, the city which gave birth to that which separates them.

Lately | Missing persons

A poignant tribute to Kosovo’s missing persons

By - 01.09.2016

Prishtina marks victims of enforced disappearance.

Lately | Sexual Harassment

Reporting Kosovo’s sexual harassment

By - 05.08.2016

Innovative app helping to make streets safer.

One-on-one | Music

Let there be music

By - 21.06.2016

Kosovar artists discuss all things music on World Music Day.

In-depth | Workers' rights

Paternity provisions excluding Kosovar dads

By - 16.06.2016

Fathers' role in childcare largely neglected.

In-depth | Workers' rights

Maternity hardship for working women

By - 08.06.2016

Despite legislation, many women are still unprotected from discriminatory practices.

Lately | Human Rights

New research aims to initiate Kosovo abortion debate

By - 26.05.2016

Preportr report reveals alarming results.

In-depth | Human Rights

Looking for closure

By - 26.04.2016

The ongoing search for justice for Kosovo’s missing people.

In-depth | Roma

The ongoing quest for liberty

By - 26.04.2016

Kujtim Paçaku’s lifetime spent fighting for Roma rights.

Lately | Film

Kosovo film wins Oscar nomination

By - 14.01.2016

"Shok" makes history with Academy Awards shortlisting.

In-depth | Protests

The neglected voices of Saturday’s mass protests

By , - 10.01.2016

Citizens oppose "unconstitutional" government actions.

Lately | Police

Amnesty International calls for urgent investigation into Kosovo [...]

By - 30.11.2015

Suggestions that "excessive force" used during Vetevendosje raid.

In-depth | Migration

Displaced and living in limbo

By - 25.11.2015

Hundreds of Kosovar Serbs remain abandoned in collective centers.

In-depth | Migration

When Kosovars choose Afghanistan

By , - 04.11.2015

Attractive salaries tempt thousands to work in war zone.

In-depth | Missing persons

Missing closure

By - 30.08.2015

17 years on, no answers for the families of those still missing

In-depth | Human Rights

The EU’s inhuman welcome

By - 22.07.2015

Kosovar migrants ill-treated at Europe's borders.