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The deserter prosecuted for war crimes

By - 22.03.2017

The story of Sinan Morina, extradited to Serbia on war crimes charges.  

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Understanding Kosovo’s ‘special court’

By - 06.03.2017

Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office explained.

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Appeals underway for Kosovars on Interpol list

By - 09.02.2017

Haradinaj one of 20 appeals submitted to Interpol in December 2016.

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Surveillance included as evidence against Vetvendosje activists

By - 26.01.2017

Initial blows traded in tense court session.

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International investigation into Dehari case legally unlikely

By - 06.12.2016

Legal avenues limited for implementing petition's key demand.

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New Astrit Dehari protest keeps pressure on government

By - 24.11.2016

Petition launched demanding key resignations.

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Could Fatmir Limaj be handed to the special court for war crimes?

By - 22.11.2016

NISMA boss already indicted for war crimes in Kosovo.

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Citizens take to the streets demanding ‘Justice for Astrit’

By , - 14.11.2016

Calls for independent investigation into Astrit Dehari’s death.

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