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An evening to remember — the ‘90s

By - 10.06.2016

A journey back to the ‘9os as K2.0 launches its final print magazine.

It was a Tuesday evening. Doors opened, a team nervously prepared to welcome the first guests. A work complete, now made public, ready to be scrutinized, perused by countless curious fingers. The culmination of many sleepless, junk-food filled nights. An unveiling; the final magazine, titled “’90s.”
Staff waiting anxiously at the entrance to the new space, ready to greet the first comers. Anxiety peered through their eyes.

Then come the first group; greetings ensued. Some hugs, handshakes, smiles, compliments. They enter a living room, the gathering place of family and friends; today a time capsule encapsulating an era, the passions, loves, fears, struggles, triumphs, defeats and rebirth of the hopes of a people; a generation. An exhibit complete with a Cathode Ray Tube television set, videos playing on video cassette, once trendy now obsolete; time ever fleeting. The artwork on the walls, half bare; itself a work of art, the pictures and paintings: a collection of resistance, of freedom.

Enter the garden, television crew interviewing team members, guests filling seats, laughter, smiles, drinks flowing. Space normally ruled by plants yields to a blanket of humanity; standing room only. Behind the scenes, scurries to ensure perfection; relief the only guest yet to arrive.

A welcome to the mass of assembled people, more coming still. Readings of the magazine proceeded, some in English, most in Albanian, translations given for both. All were welcome to share in the moment. Smartphones capturing the moment illuminated the crowd; a paradox considering the theme of the night: “Rewind ’90s.”

Kosovo 2.0’s final magazine, at least for a while, was released; the end of a collection, each edition with its own unique challenges, its own insights. In spite of the cold; mere darkening blue sky and crossed fingers abating the elements. The evening was filled with hugs, smiles, ‘bisous,’ applause.

At the end of the night: anxiety surrendered to exultance. Dancing, laughter, music resurrecting memories of a past decade. K