All articles by: Ferdi Limani

After studying journalism, Ferdi began working for daily newspapers in Kosovo and collaborated with various international news agencies. His work culminated when he was commissioned by the government of Kosovo to document the independence declarations. Since 2008, he has lived in France. He is represented by LeJournal photo agency.

In-depth | COVID-19

Hide and seek with the invisible

By - 10.04.2020

Photographing Prishtina’s COVID-19 pandemic.

In-depth | Missing persons

Missing Persons — my confrontation with pain and uncertainty

By - 28.09.2018

A photo-journalist’s personal account of documenting a poignant issue.

In-depth | Health

Rural doctor

By - 05.06.2018

A glimpse into the daily work of a remote health worker.

In-depth | Independence

The agony of the 10th anniversary

By - 16.02.2018

Kosovo’s confined youth.