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Artan Sadiku is a theorist and activist from Skopje with a doctorate in political philosophy. He lectures at the Institute of social sciences and humanities in Skopje, and has written for Macedonian and international journals.

Perspectives | Albania

Borders before life

By - 13.06.2019

Complicity in the Balkans.

Perspectives | North Macedonia

Macedonia’s crisis is internal and must be solved by the politics of de-escalation

By - 07.03.2017

Regardless of the president’s unconstitutional actions, legal solutions are not the answer.

Perspectives | Protests

Kosovo and the Balkans united in discontent

By - 31.08.2016

Protest movements, whether in Kosovo or the wider region, must address fundamental structural issues in society, argues Artan Sadiku.

Perspectives | North Macedonia

Why is history not repeating itself in Macedonia?

By - 06.06.2016

Macedonians need to do away with an old mentality of politics and pave the way for real change.