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Đorđe Krajišnik is a literary critic and a journalist at the Oslobođenje daily newspaper and the Dani magazine. In October 2017, he worked as a resident for the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel. His literary critiques and other texts have been published in magazines and on websites across the Yugosphere. His publications have been translated into English, German and Albanian. He reviewed and edited several books. Currently, he is working on his first fiction book that will be published soon, should the Muses be in his favor. 

One-on-one | BiH

Elma Tataragić: The ongoing crisis is a return to core values

By - 02.09.2020

The Sarajevo Film Festival’s main competition selector talks about the film industry during a pandemic.

Perspectives | BiH

The case of ‘Schindler’s Lift’ by Darko Cvijetić

By - 22.04.2020

Or a story about a corporation, art and the reality of capitalism.

Perspectives | COVID-19

At a safe distance

By - 19.04.2020

Our culture critic chooses the best online regional events.

Blogbox | Books

Looking for the left

By - 03.03.2020

“W” by Igor Štiks, publishing house Fraktura, Zagreb, 2019.

Blogbox | Books

Fatal misunderstandings with reality

By - 05.12.2019

The Atlas of Pseudo-mythology, Svetislav Basara, Službeni Glasnik, Belgrade, 2018.

Perspectives | Books

A betrayal of literature

By - 16.10.2019

How and why the Nobel Committee for Literature awarded Peter Handke.

One-on-one | Education

Nenad Veličković: At our university, we train teachers for [...]

By - 08.10.2019

Rethinking Academia (Part 2) — Sarajevan professor and author talks ‘Academic Charlatanism,' nationalism in education and the far-reaching collapse of academic standards.

Perspectives | Books

7 promising Balkan authors you may not have read

By - 06.09.2019

Literary critic looks at some regional writers who are making waves.

One-on-one | BiH

Darko Cvijetić: ‘Today, it is clear to everyone that we [...]

By - 30.07.2019

The writer from Prijedor talks life, literature and how one could sing after the war.

In-depth | BiH

The visa regime between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo doesn’t [...]

By - 15.11.2016

Bosnian Serbs are able to freely travel to Kosovo using passports issued by Serbia.