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Elvin Blakaj is an international relations researcher with a master’s degree in European Union Politics.

Perspectives | Elections 2019

Fed up with the election options? It’s time to consider tactical voting

By - 18.09.2019

How an unorthodox vote could change Kosovo for the better.

Perspectives | Politics

Can Kosovo afford the unintended consequences of the 100 percent tax?

By - 29.01.2019

Clear breach of international agreement could trigger impacts that cannot be undone.

Perspectives | Politics

Ignorance over competence

By - 18.10.2018

How a statue in the middle of the capital shows the true nature of Kosovo’s problems.

Perspectives | EU

Europe’s Sword of Damocles has the potential to change everything

By - 28.08.2018

One simple clause hangs constantly over Kosovo’s head.