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Halim Kafexholli completed his BA in journalism at the University of Pristina in 2017. He is a fellow of the K2.0 Human Rights Journalism Fellowship, as well as the K2.0 Professional Shadowing mentorship program. He has also worked at the “Aktivpress” portal and has written for the Albanian portal

In-depth | Sports

Blue, yellow, white — football, politics, identity

By , Halim Kafexholli - 16.02.2019

How sport is affecting nation-building and identity in Kosovo.

Mentorship | Politics

QËNDRON KASTRATI: Kamenica is a model for coexistence between [...]

By - 16.12.2018

The youngest mayor in Kosovo discusses the challenges of his first year in office governing a municipality with lots of territory, but little budget and few residents.

Fellowship | Poverty

Exchanging poverty for prison

By - 10.12.2018

Minor crimes by people in poverty being punished with jail time.