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Fitim Salihu is a K2.0 staff journalist, covering mainly politics and governance. Fitim has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Prishtina.

Lately | Democracy

Post-election disputes and their causes

By - 03.12.2019

Kosovo elections are great, then the votes are counted.

One-on-one | Albania

Adri Nurellari: If the Kosovo-Serbia conflict remains unresolved, [...]

By - 02.12.2019

Social scientist discusses dialogue, populism, pluralism and frozen conflict.

Perspectives | Elections

In Numbers: Kosovo’s new deputies

By - 12.11.2019

What do the official election results tell us?

One-on-one | Albania

Roland Gjoni: Kosovo is simultaneously ‘too big’ and ‘too [...]

By - 19.09.2019

Legal and political scientist talks geopolitics, Albanian nationalism and domestic tensions in Albania.

In-depth | Culture

Developing a comic subculture

By - 11.09.2019

Kosovo’s history of comics and graphic novels

Lately | Elections

Elections: 5 things we’ve learnt this week

By - 06.09.2019

Our weekly roundup of election news.

Lately | Elections 2019

Elections: 5 things we learned this week

By - 30.08.2019

Cutting through the pre-election noise.

Perspectives | Politics

A month of political calculations

By - 16.08.2019

Uncertainty reigns supreme in Kosovar politics.


Prime minister’s mandate interrupted twice

By - 23.07.2019

A summary of Haradinaj’s surprising resignation.

Lately | Albania

An Albanian in the CIA and the CIA in Albania

By - 05.07.2019

A book we didn’t know was needed.

Lately | Albania

Albania’s crisis continues after controversial local elections

By - 03.07.2019

Few solutions in sight after opposition rejects poll.

In-depth | '90s

Behind the shadows of Prishtina’s liberation

By - 11.06.2019

Propaganda, recruitment and clandestine operations.

Perspectives | Dialogue

Berlin summit points to new Balkan Olympus

By - 07.05.2019

In the aftermath of Berlin, what now for the dialogue?

In-depth | Albania

Western Balkans in the streets

By - 23.03.2019

Intensified protests throughout the region in recent months.

In-depth | Independence

Voices from the borderlands

By - 17.02.2019

Living in areas rumored to be considered for ‘territory exchange.’

In-depth | Sports

Blue, yellow, white — football, politics, identity

By , Halim Kafexholli - 16.02.2019

How sport is affecting nation-building and identity in Kosovo.

One-on-one | Politics

Gëzim Krasniqi: After the populist tragedy in Europe, it’s [...]

By - 26.12.2018

Political sociologist talks to K2.0 about the shifting political landscape in the Balkans, Europe and the world.

In-depth | Army

After the war ends

By - 24.12.2018

Solving war veterans’ issues across the Balkans.

In-depth | Culture

Learning each other’s language

By - 02.12.2018

The Albanians and Serbs taking language lessons for the future.


Fighting with taxes

By - 23.11.2018

A history of Kosovo and Serbia’s tempestuous trade relations.

In-depth | Politics

‘The masters have gone feral on each other’

By - 05.11.2018

A history of the ongoing clashes between Hashim Thaçi and Ramush Haradinaj.

In-depth | Gender

The politicization of having children

By - 31.10.2018

How birth rates became and remain a political tool between Kosovo and Serbia.

Lately | Small Talk

Have the crimes of the past been addressed?

By - 10.10.2018

K2.0 discusses transitional justice in Kosovo and across the region.

Lately | Dialogue

Thaçi and territory exchange decried

By - 29.09.2018

Protest held against president and notion of exchanging territories with Serbia.

In-depth | Media

Fewer threats or fewer investigations?

By - 26.09.2018

Looking at the state of sports journalism in Kosovo.

Perspectives | Politics

From Gazimestan to Gazivoda

By - 12.09.2018

How different was Vučić’s visit to Kosovo than his former president’s?

Perspectives | Politics

Could Kosovo and Serbia really exchange territory?

By - 14.08.2018

A look into the roots of and reactions to partition.