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Medina Pasoma is a student at the Faculty of Journalism and Education and works actively with literature. She is a mentee within K2.0’s Professional Shadowing Mentorship Program (second generation, 2019). She decided to take part in the program to start her career in journalism and to write about interesting current issues.


In-depth | '90s

How one couple kept education possible

By - 30.12.2019

A Buçinca couple came to the aid of girls in Kosovo villages who were forced to quit school in the 1990s.

Mentorship | Arts

Ervina Halili: Rilindja is the only institution that has created [...]

By - 28.12.2019

The writer who created the Rilindja Archive speaks about the enterprise’s activity and the challenges she overcame while gathering material.

Lately | Culture

Film gives glimpse inside infamous Enver Hoxha prison camp

By - 14.08.2019

‘Virtual Museum, Tepelena Camp’ provides rare insight.