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Nerina Guri is a former K2.0 staff journalist, mainly covering culture. Nerina has a master’s degree in Gender, Development and Globalisation from the London School of Economics and Political Science in UK.

In-depth | Education

Primary concerns mar educational reforms

By - 31.10.2019

Much more required to put children’s education on track.

In-depth | Education

The Kosovar law students excelling internationally

By - 04.09.2019

Despite conditions, UP students gain international reputation.

In-depth | '90s

Three families, three regions, nine children killed

By - 07.08.2019

Family members remember their children killed during the Kosovo war.

One-on-one | Health

René van Munster: Music can transform relationships between people

By - 01.08.2019

Dutch cellist and composer talks how art and music can help to cope with pain, stress and suffering

In-depth | Employment

Developing a gaming future

By - 25.04.2019

Kosovo’s young game designers opening up a new industry.