How do we educate for life?

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  • There aren’t many things in Kosovo that everyone seems to agree on. But when it comes to the quality of education, most people will tell you the same thing — it sucks! 

    The results are bad, the textbooks wrong and the pupils cheat. Even the professors cheat! They can be lazy, they refuse to be questioned (even when they’re wrong), and the corruption… let’s not even start on the corruption.

    But while we’re all quick to dismiss the state of education in Kosovo, what do we actually want — and need — to see instead?

    Is the number of people passing tests the ultimate end goal? Or is what we’re learning — and how we’re learning it — equally important? Is education simply something that takes place formally, in a classroom? Or are there other ways in which we can learn without even realizing we’re doing it? Is education just for getting qualifications? Or is it something broader that allows us to strive, not just survive?

    To mark the launch of our latest monograph “Education for Life,” we want to get you thinking about what education means to you. 

    Join us at 18:00 on 31 October for an open discussion at Dukagjini Bookstore, where we’ll explore the question: How do we educate for life?

    To get the conversation started, we’ll hear some personal stories of educational change and innovation from ORCA’s Rron Gjinovci, TOKA’s Jehona Gjurgjeala, GIZ’s Rrezearta Zhinipotoku-Behluli, and anyone else who cares to share.

    English translation will be provided.

    This event is implemented with the financial support by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Prishtina and Kosovo Foundation for Open Society – KFOS.

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  • On the occasion of the publication of our “Education for Life” monograph, we held an open discussion on the topic “How do we educate for life?”

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    6:00 pm


    Dukagjini Library