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Independent journalism is under threat

By - 04.05.2022

Laugh through the pain.


Across our region, critical and independent journalism is struggling. The list of challenges is imposing. Governments exercise heavy influence over public broadcasters and are implementing legislation that curtails media freedoms. Many commercial media outlets function on a partisan basis and blur the line between fact and opinion. In the face of unviable financial models for independent media, clickbait journalism is becoming not only the dominant practice, but increasingly, the only option. Superficial and sensational narratives that misrepresent the complex realities of different groups end up perpetuating inequalities and deepening divisions in society. And the journalists that take the professional road often find themselves working in unsafe environments.

Such a context paints a bleak picture. But we at K2.0 decided to look at some of these challenges not with a sense of doom and gloom, but with dark humor. That’s why over the past few weeks, in the lead up to World Press Freedom Day on May 3, we published cartoon illustrations by Arif Muharremi on our social media pages that highlighted some of the challenges and indignities confronting journalists across the region. As important as it is to bring attention to the obstacles media professionals face, it’s maybe best done with a dose of self-critical levity.

Here’s a look at all the illustrations we’ve published from the last month, together in the same place.

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