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  • After years of failed applications to be recognized by international sporting bodies, Kosovo is finally obtaining recognition in the Sports arena that any other independent state in the world has. Coinciding with this, Kosovo 2.0 wants to invite you to the launch event of its 8th magazine edition ‘Sports’, in order to understand the intricate social, cultural, political, and economic dimensions of sports in Kosovo.

    This magazine looks at how sports play a role in identity and nation-building, social-integration, and cultural development, but it also speaks to how Kosovars managed to become champions when encountering a great lack of institutional support within a harsh political and social context, often fighting gender discrimination, unemployment, migration, poverty, etc. Now that Kosovar athletes can compete internationally in European, World championships, and Olympic Games — what’s next?

    Come and join us for a wide-ranged discussion (translation will be available) at the Prishtina Boxing Club space (see directions below), with our special guest-speakers:

    -Erolld Belegu, President of the Federation of Basketball of Kosovo.
    -Eugen Saraqini, President of the Handball Federation of Kosovo.
    -Aferdita Fazliu, Deputy Director of the Sports department at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and coach of the women’s national football team of Kosovo.
    -Arben Lila, deputy head of the Kosovo Olympic Committee and President of the Kosovo Federation of Mountaineers

    Moderator: Virtyt Gaceferri, journalist and contributor to the Kosovo 2.0 ‘Sports’ magazine edition.

    When: Wednesday, March 4, starting at 18:30

    Where: Boxing Club
    Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina in cooperatoin with Prishtina Jazz Festival, Dam Festival, Skena UP Festival, Kosovo 2.0 dhe Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB)

    Directions: The venue is the building used previously by the Boxing Club Prishtina, located at the very beginning of the street Mark Isaku (access from UÇK street).

    Klubi i Boksit
    Rruga Mark Isaku, 10000K

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    6:30 pm


    Boxing Club