Let’s Talk — ‘That’ Newborn installation

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  • K2.0 held a public discussion in front of the Newborn monument in Prishtina, titled “Let’s Talk — ‘That’ Installation at Newborn.”

    While there was much debate around the issue on social media, we used the public space to discuss the narratives surrounding recognition, success, influence, as well as equality and the equal inclusion of women.

    Photos by: Cristina Mari / K2.0.

  • About this Talk
  • Since the day it was unveiled in 2008, Newborn has been a canvas of flags, writings, paintings, wires — symbolism, which at its very core has been aimed at conveying vocal messages. From recognition and statehood to isolation and energy the message is updated each February on Kosovo’s Independence Day.

    But this month, Newborn underwent a temporary makeover — and these past days it seems to have been speaking louder than ever. Through her installation “Reclamation,” American journalist Lauren Peace stuck the faces of 99 women in Kosovo from various generations and ethnicities to each of the letters of the obelisk as part of an interactive portrait series.

    This installation received a lot of attention — very quickly. Along with the usual aesthetic critique and praise, it has also triggered wide ranging debates on meritocracy, exclusion, recognition and the use of public space. Notably, questions of whose portrait “deserved” to be on those letters, and whose did not, seems to have brought to the surface issues and tensions that have long been hidden in the margins.

    While the debate rages on, we want to delve into the discussion about critique, feminism and equality. What was the message the author wanted to convey? How can we interpret the various ways in which its messages have been perceived by different people? How can we use this discussion to challenge the narratives built around influence, impact, power and solidarity?

    Join us at Newborn at 18:00 on Thursday (June 13) and let’s get to talking about the ways in which we recognize women and why we do so.K

    * Translation in English/Albanian will be available.

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