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Lately | Elections 2019

Elections: 5 Things we learnt this week

By - 13.09.2019

Testosterone, criminal candidates and big speeches.

Perspectives | Democracy

‘Copy paste’ Independence Day

By - 16.02.2017

As Kosovo marks another Independence Day, it has many familiar problems — but it can start to move beyond them if citizens are placed at the heart of the country’s democracy.

Lately | Small Talk

Public accountability discussed in K2.0 Small Talk

By - 15.12.2016

Public event part of #PoDuMeDite campaign.

Lately | K2.0

SMALL TALK: What do we want to know and how?

By - 08.12.2016

Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 18:00 in Dit’ e Nat’.

Lately | K2.0

K2.0 launches #IWantToKnow – Demand answers

By - 17.10.2016

What do you want to know?