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Valmir Mehmetaj is a journalist who has previously worked in TV journalism and as a staff writer at Kosovo 2.0. Valmir studied communication sciences at the South East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia. He believes deeply in constant learning and forming original thoughts, and mainly writes about cultural and social issues.

In-depth | Economy

Kosovo’s tech revolution potential

By - 02.07.2019

Tech industry provides opportunities, but are things happening?

In-depth | Cultural heritage

Awakening Kosovo’s cultural heritage

By - 02.06.2019

Bringing the past alive for the next generation.

In-depth | Health

Asking the public to pay for treatment

By - 05.06.2018

Fundraising campaigns common for financing Kosovars’ health care.

In-depth | Entrepreneurship

Cryptocurrency gold rush

By - 09.01.2018

A look into the world of online currency and 21st century mining.

In-depth | Civil society

Is public property just for business?

By - 27.11.2017

A new law on the use of municipal property is in the making.

In-depth | Music

Kosovo’s shrinking metal scene

By - 21.11.2017

Keeping the heads banging.

In-depth | Animals

A meat-free existence

By - 01.11.2017

A look into the world of veganism and vegetarianism.

Lately | Education

Who’s teaching our students?

By - 28.09.2017

Educational integrity discussed at K2.0 Small Talk.

One-on-one | Culture

Jeton Neziraj: What is seen as shocking today will not be in [...]

By - 21.09.2017

Playwright discusses his often controversial body of work.

One-on-one | Music

Rebekah: DJing is about sharing energy

By - 19.09.2017

Techno star rock and rolls into Prishtina.

In-depth | Arts

The walls as a canvas

By - 16.09.2017

From slogans, to tagging, to street art, the world of graffiti is ever-evolving.

In-depth | Arts

To be or not to have

By - 12.09.2017

Two emerging actors on finding their feet in Kosovo’s film and theater scene.

Lately | Arts

Autostrada Biennale explores borders

By - 25.08.2017

Kosovo’s first contemporary art biennale held in Prizren.

Lately | DokuFest 2017

Watching your own life on the big screen

By - 09.08.2017

“Me dasht, me dasht, me dasht” premieres at Dokufest.

One-on-one | DokuFest 2017

Robert Bisha: Folk Music is people telling things as they are

By - 07.08.2017

Pianist discusses blurring the lines of the traditional and the experimental.

In-depth | DokuFest 2017

Lumbardhi: What it means to evolve

By - 04.08.2017

The story of Prizren’s historic cinema.

One-on-one | Arts

Molly Kleiman: How can we take a conversation and translate [...]

By - 18.07.2017

Editorial Director of New York’s ‘Triple Canopy’ publication discusses the magazine in the modern world.

Lately | Arts

New alternative gallery opens in Mitrovica

By - 11.07.2017

‘Mitrovica Matter’ exhibition launches new art space.

In-depth | Culture

The cultural festival defying nationalism

By - 29.06.2017

Voices from this year’s Miredita, dobar dan!

In-depth | Culture

Life after midnight

By - 14.06.2017

Prishtina’s original partystarters discuss the city’s clubbing scene now and then.

Lately | Tech

DOKU:TECH returns

By - 10.06.2017

Preparing for the new world order.

In-depth | Democracy

Nothing to vote for!

By - 08.06.2017

Meeting potential voters in disaffected Dukagjini region.

Lately | Sports

Cross-legged on top of the world

By - 24.05.2017

First Albanian woman, and first Kosovar club expedition reach the summit of Mount Everest.

One-on-one | Culture

Hamed Abboud: The whole function of literature has changed [...]

By - 16.05.2017

Syrian poet on how his experiences as a refugee have transformed his work.

In-depth | Music

Two musical duos lighting up Kosovo’s underground

By - 06.05.2017

Tandem and X-Rated Self Love look beyond the wall.

In-depth | #IWantToKnow

A street dog’s life

By - 29.04.2017

How does Kosovo treat its street dogs?

One-on-one | Culture

Alberta Troni: “We can see how thirsty the youth of Kosovo [...]

By - 13.04.2017

Ahead of their duet at Prishtina’s Chopin Piano Fest, pianist Alberta Troni and cellist Karel Bredenhorst discuss the universal language of music.

One-on-one | Culture

Ares Shporta: “No one will just give things to us — [...]

By - 09.04.2017

Lumbardhi Foundation’s executive director discusses the struggle to create a cultural hub in Kosovo.

Lately | Culture

“The Dark” provides immersive musical experience

By - 05.04.2017

Experimental opera performance shows potential of abandoned spaces.

In-depth | #IWantToKnow

Focussing the camera

By - 03.04.2017

Does Kosovo’s film industry tell too many stories of war?

In-depth | Culture

Not another supermarket

By - 30.03.2017

Arts NGO Anibar’s fight against the privatization of Kino Jusuf Gervalla.

One-on-one | Arts

Odile Burluraux: Artists can contribute to thinking differently [...]

By - 20.03.2017

Curators Odile Burluraux and Jessica Castex discuss the exhibiting of Hayoun Kwon’s virtual reality artwork, “489 Years,” at Kosovo’s National Gallery.

One-on-one | Arts

Astrit Ismaili: Bodies are just bodies — free the nipple!

By - 13.03.2017

Conceptual artist discusses performance art, rebellion and body expressionism.

Lately | Culture

Regional project promotes reconciliation through writing

By - 03.03.2017

Short stories by authors from former-Yugoslavia aim to reconcile the bad blood between nations.

In-depth | Culture

Leaving something beautiful behind

By - 01.03.2017

Has Kosovo progressed in preserving cultural heritage?

In-depth | Privacy rights

Internet — forget me!

By - 21.02.2017

How to stop search engines displaying embarrassing results about you.

One-on-one | Environment

Uta Ibrahimi: Trekking in the Himalayas made me realize how [...]

By - 11.02.2017

Outdoor enthusiast on testing herself to the limit by negotiating perilous falls, altitude sickness and fearsome yetis!

One-on-one | Music

Shpat Deda sings his song “Ninullë,” dedicated to his [...]

By - 21.01.2017

Shpat Deda’s new project, which involves a song and a music video, was published on Friday.

In-depth | Arts

Haveit — the Powerpuff Girls of Prishtina

By - 13.01.2017

Activism through public art performances.

Perspectives | Culture

Conjuring the powers of art and culture

By - 26.12.2016

A summary of a year's work in culture: improving the image of Kosovo.

Lately | Small Talk

Public accountability discussed in K2.0 Small Talk

By - 15.12.2016

Public event part of #PoDuMeDite campaign.

Lately | Environment

Photo campaign focuses on environment and health

By - 02.12.2016

#EcoKosovo to raise awareness of environment through competition.

Lately | Culture

Turn Your Head (#KtheKryte) and gaze upon cultural heritage

By - 01.12.2016

New campaign tackles Kosovo’s railways.

Lately | Human Rights

Regional summit addresses Roma inclusion

By - 30.11.2016

Two day Prishtina event on perspectives from the ground.

Blogbox | Activism

A Kosovar dog, operated on in Serbia

By - 25.11.2016

Helping animals in need is a sign of an empathetic society.

In-depth | Police

My password! My privacy! My my, the digital age!

By - 23.11.2016

A dummy's guide to online dangers.

One-on-one | Tech

Amy Cosper: Entrepreneurship is creating something new, innovative [...]

By - 02.11.2016

American entrepreneur talks about pursuing the “cool” profession.

In-depth | Politics


By - 31.10.2016

Improving the image and recognition of Kosovo through internet based platforms.

In-depth | Arts

Forward looking art

By - 20.10.2016

Four finalists in three projects, aim to become “Artist of Tomorrow.”

One-on-one | Culture

Venera Mustafa: You express yourself with what you wear

By - 13.10.2016

Fashion designer discusses art and fashion in Prishtina.

In-depth | Public Space

Termokiss philosophy just warming up

By - 04.10.2016

Social concept has people — not profit — at its heart.

One-on-one | Arts

Lulzim Hoti: Culture is one of the main pillars of sustainable [...]

By - 14.09.2016

Local artists aiming to reactive Mitrovica’s lapsed cultural scene through 7 Arte.

In-depth | Politics

Shaping Mitrovica’s future, from the bottom up

By - 05.09.2016

Initiative aims to engage citizens in local decisions.

In-depth | Culture

Prishtina’s ‘M’-erging space

By - 29.08.2016

Club 'M' making waves with diverse crowds.

Lately | Protests

Fight for Prizren girl justice to continue

By - 17.07.2016

Demands for criminal prosecutions after death of Prizren 3-year-old.

In-depth | Music

Making Mitrovica “rock” again

By - 28.06.2016

Rock school providing young musicians chance to grow.