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K2.0 launches #IWantToKnow – Demand answers

By - 17.10.2016

What do you want to know?

As citizens, many of us have felt for a long time that institutions don’t listen; that we, as citizens, have little influence on the current state-of-affairs. We have felt powerless, misinformed or not informed at all. We have felt lied to, and on many occasions apathy has taken over.

Today Kosovo 2.0 launches an online campaign called #IWantToKnow.

#PodumediteÇka po don me ditë? #podumedite

Posted by KOSOVO 2.0 on Monday, 17 October 2016


We want to bring back our right and will to know, because we, as citizens, need and deserve transparency so that we can hold institutions accountable for their actions; so that corruption doesn’t become part of normality — so we grow as a society that takes action to move on.

From Oct. 17 to Nov. 26, K2.0 encourages you to use the hashtag #IWantToKnow across social media networks; to use it to ask questions about issues that either affect your daily lives or issues you believe require greater transparency from institutions — to publicize your demands.

Inquiries may be on any public issue that is important to you: When will we have 24/7 water in Prishtina? Who is benefiting from the social housing?  Is the reconstruction of the stadium on track? Or, where do my environmental taxes end up?

You can demand information on many different topics, from public budget allocation to fighting gender-based violence, seeking transparency about those that have been granted public tenders, asking to know the salary of a deputy, or asking why a cultural preservation project is considerably delayed.

To be more efficient and to help achieve the goal of the campaign, we encourage you to directly tag institutions and individual representatives in your online questions and inquiries, and we as K2.0 will also help to ensure that your messages are directed to the right people. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #IwantToKnow so that anyone interested in your public demands can track your inquiry.

We have informed representatives of local, national, and independent state institutions about the campaign, while also encouraging them to participate and respond to citizen inquiries during this time period.

At the conclusion of the hashtag campaign, we will collect all of the inquiries, look at which have been answered and which have not, and investigate the questions that demand more information.

The time has come to demand answers.


The#IWantToKnow campaign has been supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo.