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In-depth | BiH

Who’s in charge of Banja Luka’s public space?

By - 04.05.2020

Civil society afraid of what post-corona times could bring.

Fellowship | Arts

Success stories from the shadows

By - 18.12.2019

Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women who are breaking the stereotypes.

In-depth | Civil society

Are Kosovo’s NGOs under threat?

By - 01.02.2019

New law said to go against core principles of non-profit sector.

Perspectives | Civil society

Kosovo needs a new civil rights movement

By - 23.08.2018

Current rule of law crisis shows peaceful protest is essential.

In-depth | Civil society

Is public property just for business?

By - 27.11.2017

A new law on the use of municipal property is in the making.

Perspectives | Civil society

Kosovo’s civil society is a product of its post-war roots

By - 14.12.2016

The transition to democracy is never straightforward for any state, but in post-war Kosovo — initially under an international protectorate — the challenges have been multiplied.