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Kosovo’s silent assassin

By - 12.04.2019

Peering through the smog of Prishtina’s pollution problem.

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Fridays for future — Kosovo

By - 22.03.2019

How our children are bringing about global change.

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The risks of going to school

By - 27.02.2019

Little attention paid to hazardous learning environments.

In-depth | Serbia

Serbia’s nuclear waste problem

By - 21.01.2019

Experts urge officials to find a solution to the handling of hazardous materials.

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What choice, other than going green?

By - 17.01.2019

We must do more to help ourselves amidst the looming climate catastrophe.

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Western Balkans heating up

By - 24.09.2018

New data shows temperatures in Balkan cities increasing.

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Serbia’s struggle for rivers — and survival

By - 20.09.2018

Citizens say hydropower battle is just getting started.

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Against the ‘strategy for normalization’ of air pollution

By - 10.07.2018

Outside of winter, air pollution is shut away in drawers of collective oblivion.

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Pollution: How Change Happens

By - 08.02.2018

Activism has helped to clean up air around the world.

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