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One-on-one | Music

René van Munster: Music can transform relationships between people

By - 01.08.2019

Dutch cellist and composer talks how art and music can help to cope with pain, stress and suffering

In-depth | Environment

Kosovo’s silent assassin

By - 12.04.2019

Peering through the smog of Prishtina’s pollution problem.

Fellowship | Human Rights | In-depth | Minority Rights

Life and death: The harsh reality of pregnancy in Kosovo

By - 10.12.2018

Minority women lack critical access to health care and maternity medicine.

Lately | Health

More debate over health care is good for the health of society

By - 14.06.2018

Kosovo 2.0 discusses the challenges the Kosovar health care system faces.

Lately | Health | Health

Health system under the microscope

By - 05.06.2018

An X-ray of Kosovo’s health care.

In-depth | Health | Health

Patients paying price of public system’s poor health

By - 05.06.2018

Widespread deficiencies adding to suffering of those with serious illnesses.

In-depth | Health | Health

Kosovo’s health system: Pay to live

By - 05.06.2018

How well is Kosovo’s health system serving citizens’ needs?

Perspectives | Health | Health

Health Insurance plans will deepen privatization of social rights

By - 05.06.2018

Implementation will work against those most economically disadvantaged

In-depth | Health | Health

Aging with Alzheimer’s

By - 05.06.2018

The struggle of two granddaughters slowly losing their loved ones.

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